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Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #1

January 27, 2012


#1 Superman (Superman #001) That the Last Son of Krypton tops the list probably comes as no surprise to anyone who played HeroClix at all last fall. Superman was a terror. He compounds the best-in-game power combination of Hypersonic Speed and Super Strength with Outwit, Superman Ally TA and excellent combat values on his first click […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #2

January 26, 2012


#2 Magneto  (Giant-Size X-Men #053) Nearly a year ago, I pegged the Master of Magnetism as a virtual shoo-in for this Top Ten of 2011 list,  and despite a lot of powerful competition, he nearly claims the top spot. Here’s why: Running Shot, 10 range and 2 targets make him a supreme shooter. Especially due to… …his Energy […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #3

January 25, 2012


#3 Captain America (Captain America #040) On the surface, wall-Cap seems an odd choice to be so high on the list, lacking the sheer might and versatility of the likes of Prof. X or Magog. But the Sentinel of Liberty totally deserves his spot. First, his base starting stats are solid across the board. 10 […]

Top Ten Heroclix of 2011: #4

January 24, 2012


#4 Magog (Superman #035) The anti-hero of Kingdom Come blasts his way to a high point on the Top Ten because: He’s about as dangerous a grounded Charge figure gets with his 12 AV, Super Strength and 4-damage Exploit Weakness. That’s enough to KO a lot of enemies outright… …which activates his “Excessive Force” trait, allowing him […]

Top Ten of 2011: #5

January 23, 2012


OK, time for the Top 5 clix of the year! #5 General RAAM (Gears of War #009) Starting off the top 5 is this ugly guy from Gears of War. His starting 6 Speed and 16 DV would seem reasons enough to keep him out of the top 25, much less among the very best. […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #6

January 19, 2012


#6 Cyborg Superman (Superman #034) This evil part-clone/mostly robotic double of Superman emerged as one of the strongest pieces of the year thanks to the following…ahem…upgrades over previous iterations of the character: Running Shot and 4 damage enable a first shot, while his Impervious and Shape Change give him a solid chance at thwarting first shots. But […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #7

January 16, 2012


Almost a perfect opposite to the highly physical, bombastic #8 of the Top 10, is the cerebral, mobility-challenged… #7 Professor X  (Giant-Size X-Men #036) The telepathic founder of the X-Men, with his rather anemic stats, seems an odd choice to make the Top Ten list. But it’s all about Special Powers and Traits these days, […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #8

January 13, 2012


Number 9 was a tie starring a pair of ranged beasts — one mobile but soft and the other tougher but less dynamic offensively. Both are trumped (barely) by this mid-cost but demigodly brick: #8 Hercules (Hulk #026) Zounds! The Lion of Olympus smashes into the list for the following advantages: Starting with 10 Charge, 11 […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #9

January 11, 2012


The #10 HeroClix is a little guy who’s a big help to shooters…which leads us across universes and genres to… #9 Legolas (Lord of the Rings #004) The elf prince of Tolkien’s epic fantasy brings epic-scale range ttacking ability to HeroClix. Here’s why: Range is still king in this game, and with three targets, Running Shot, […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #10

January 10, 2012


At last, starting today, I’m counting down the top ten HeroClix released last year. Let’s jump right in! #10 Like this, only…blue. A.I.M. Renegade (Hulk #017) Wait…WHAT? He’s a weakling alone, only sporting a minimal 1 damage at a mediocre 5 range and poor Attack Values. What’s this peon doing here? Well… He’s great for fellow […]