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My Custom Mods [mod 36]: Veteran MOCKINGBIRD (Sinister)

February 28, 2011


Sorry for getting this up so late. Technical and scheduling difficulties. Vet MOCKINGBIRD She was never a great favorite of mine, even though I’m a big fan of married characters in comics. (Hmmm. Maybe there’s a subject for another blog.) Her HeroClix version seemed overpowered andshe was dead, anyway. But then she came back in the […]

Top Ten Black Characters: #2 and #1

February 25, 2011


Wrapping up our Black History Month-themed countdown of the Top Ten Black Characters in ‘Clix with the #2 piece: Gotham City Detective (#006 Arkham Asylum) Cheap Enhancement is always good, and this is the best value for the power  thanks in part to the PD Team Ability allowing him to also boost his Enhanced partner’s […]

Top Ten Black Characters: #4 and #3

February 24, 2011


#4 is the Mr. Hammer-Time himself… V Steel (#069 Origin) I reviewed this piece way back in 2007, and am basically just quoting from that review. 10 range is GREAT for sniping until he can Charge for big damage with Super Strength. (Lunge is his feat, to get extra reach on that move.) Then, don’t […]

Top Ten Black Characters: #6 and #5

February 23, 2011


is the oldest figure on the list yet… Fatality (#053 Cosmic Justice) With TK, she offers mobility for the team. With RCE, she offers big damage. At 68 points, you can’t beat that. The pricey Trick Shot or Elite Sniper feats might pump her cost too high, but with the right shields and/or tie-up, hey, […]

Top Ten Black Characters: #8 and #7

February 22, 2011


The #8 piece is one of the first black heroes created: Black Panther (#024 Avengers) A dial chock-full of Leap/Climb and either Perplex or Outwit makes BP an excellent support piece. His starting 11 AV puts him among the elite fighters. It’s his wild card status, however, that makes him most versatile, allowing him to: […]

Top Ten Black Characters: #10 and #9

February 21, 2011


As should be customary for Heroclixin’ in the future, each month I’m taking a week off from the usual features to do a Top Ten countdown. Last Friday I introduced this Top Ten Black Characters in HeroClix list (along with an honorable mention). Here’s my #10: Black Manta (#049 Arkham Asylum) On the surface, he […]

Top 10 Black characters in Heroclix: intro

February 18, 2011


I’m interrupting my usual weekly features to start a new regular monthly one — Top Ten Countdowns! (I had such a blast doing the various Top Tens of 2010 that I didn’t want to stop.) It’s February, a.k.a. “Black History Month.” In its honor, I’m counting down the Top Ten Black Characters in Heroclix. For […]

New Comic Day Battles: 50 points and below

February 16, 2011


When I first heard of the 50-points-and-below requirement for this tournament, I aimed to field the 43-point Molly Hayes and a few other favorites. But then I had the mother of all dice-rolling meltdowns. I decided my next team shouldn’t miss so much and opted for high attacks over anything else. Warlord 50 The Holiday […]

Token-Totin’ Tuesday: EXECUTIONER

February 15, 2011


Latest in this photojournal of interesting ways to show your Super Strength characters are holding and not standing on an object token.  

My Custom Mods [mod 35]: CAPTAIN AMERICA (Avengers)

February 14, 2011


CAPTAIN AMERICA (Avengers) There was once an excellent painter at WizKids who decided to cross over into sculpting. He was less than entirely successful. Attempting to recreate this beefy, heroic he-man: …he produced this elephantiasis-headed 101-pound weakling: Anyway, just as I wrote some weeks ago that a pair of characters made it onto my favorites […]