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F.U.N. Fights: Figure Flush last Friday

May 29, 2014


So I was at a small convention waiting for players to show for the HeroClix event I was running. But none did because they had other events to attend that were probably more appealing. Determined not to waste the time entirely, I made six teams from the unplayed Deadpool pieces I’d recently acquired and set […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014 update: Three down

May 22, 2014


So a little while back (y’know, when I used to update this blog every other day back in April), I had a Top Ten list of changes the game needs: Highfather Resources Arwen Incapacitate¬† Science Police Officer Super Strength Tellus Brother Voodoo Iron Pharaoh/Regeneration Injustice League We got three of them when Highfather, Arwen and […]

DEADPOOL!!!!!! A checklist!!!

May 15, 2014


My unplanned-for break continues. But the good news is that part of it has been spent getting my new computer set up. My awesome little brother hooked me up with his old iMac to replace my ancient PowerMac. And it’s unbelievable how much faster working on this website is now compared to before! The bad […]