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Building for the Event Dials [part 2]: MUTANT MASSACRE

September 23, 2009


E001 MUTANT MASSACRE Based on the classic X-Men crossover circa issue 210 or so of the Uncanny X-Men series. BRING: Character cards (or an official keyword list). TURN THE DIAL: At the end of any turn in which a character that has a point value of more than 30 points is knocked out or eliminated. […]

Building For the Event Dial [prologue]

September 19, 2009


During this extended downtime between new sets and Approved Play tournaments, players may be seeking some new scenarios to play. Now is a perfect time to try out some of the event dials released each set since 2007’s Monsters and Mutations! For those who’ve never played or seen an event dial before, here’s a primer: […]

The Kids Are All Right.

September 8, 2009


300 points. Character-card sets only. My take: Power Pack #6 “theme team” Lightspeed 25 Mass Master 30 Energizer 35 Gee 40 SI Spider-Man 50 + Lunge 5 + Loner 5 SI Cloak & Dagger 109 = 299 points See my blog, for this write-up! Round ONE Easton, 12-year-old from Huntsville, AL On a shaved-down […]