Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #2

Posted on January 26, 2012



Magneto  (Giant-Size X-Men #053)

Nearly a year ago, I pegged the Master of Magnetism as a virtual shoo-in for this Top Ten of 2011 list,  and despite a lot of powerful competition, he nearly claims the top spot. Here’s why:

  • Running Shot, 10 range and 2 targets make him a supreme shooter. Especially due to…
  • …his Energy Shield/Deflection-granting trait “Magnetic Field.” That 18 DV becomes as high as 21 if he’s got hindering terrain to help him.
  • Also, occupying debris markers boosts all his already impressive stats +1 — again, courtesy of his trait.
  • He also carries up to 4 friends with the trait, making him very team-friendly for a tentpole.
  • His “Magnetic Mastery” SP granting him twice-in-a-row Telekinesis also is good for teammates. But the other bonus — that hurled objects deal +2 damage — makes him doggone scary with heavy objects on the board. That’s 10 clicks he can deal in a single round!
  • Oh, and while he has great range, no one else does if they target him. His “Magnetic Shield” SP halves opponents’ range. 
  • Later in his dial he gains great standard powers like Ranged Combat Expert, Pulse Wave and Perplex, ensuring he’s always useful.

His Brotherhood TA isn’t very useful for him, though. And he’s a bit weak in close with only Toughness for survival — compounded by the fact that his powers compel foes to get in close if they can. But even that works to your advantage if you ensure that Maggie’s carrying a friend or two who’ll benefit  from enemies wandering into their fighting zone(s).

And that’s why Magneto practically tops the list: at 189 points, he’s tentpole-priced but still just cheap enough that he can fit on capable fighters besides himself. Moreover, his abilities allow him to either support those allies or to carry the load himself with equal aplomb. Such power paired with flexibility makes Magneto the best HeroClix of 2011…save one. See what’s up with that one tomorrow!