Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #1

Posted on January 27, 2012



Superman (Superman #001)

That the Last Son of Krypton tops the list probably comes as no surprise to anyone who played HeroClix at all last fall. Superman was a terror.

  • He compounds the best-in-game power combination of Hypersonic Speed and Super Strength with Outwit, Superman Ally TA and excellent combat values on his first click (and two more on various points of his dial).
  • He’s Indomitable.
  • He’s got the Scientist keyword, one of the best in the game.
  • Even on his other clicks, he’s blessed with some Charge, some Running Shot+Psychic Blast, some Perplex.

Seriously, his only problem is his sky-high 300-point cost. A second price-point of 150 trades that weakness for a relatively glassy jaw — he’s only got the one Hypersonic, Super-Strong, Impervious and Outwitting click on top. It’s not much of a weakness, given the 150 points he can now fit on the team to help him out.

Super, indeed. He’s the Top HeroClix figure of 2011, hands down.

Check out Heroclixin’ next week for a brief Top Ten Addendum (two installments, tops) that was going to be a list of Honorable mentions, but has morphed into something a bit different.

Then, after that, look for Heroclixin’s Top Ten WORST ‘Clix of 2011. Should be fun.