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My Custom Mods [mod 13]: I AM IRON MAN

August 30, 2010


IRON MAN (Secret Invasion) I’d like to say this mod was all my idea, but I can’t. At all. Here’s the original: Neat, unconventional sculpt. In fact, the sculptor revealed that he was under instructions from Marvel to specifically do an un-helmeted Iron Man sculpt. But someone on thought it’d be neat to put […]

My Custom Mods [mod 12]: BATMAN & ROBIN

August 23, 2010


BATMAN & ROBIN (Justice League) So the promo and official image looks like this: But the production model’s Robin has an unpainted, black cape. So I: Painted the underside of Robin’s cape with yellow acrylic paint. Then I did it again, because it wasn’t thick enough and it looked a sickly green instead. Then I […]

My Custom Mods [mod 11]: GAMBIT (Mutations & Monsters)

August 16, 2010


GAMBIT (Mutations & Monsters) Of all the core X-Men, Gambit is possibly the last one to straight-up fight a Sentinel. That’s one reason I never really liked the humongous robot’s hand on this sculpt. I also hated the way it took up so much room in my tackle box. So here’s what I did instead: […]

My Custom Mods [mod 10]: zombie GIANT-MAN

August 10, 2010


UGH! I knew I was forgetting something yesterday…my customary Monday modification article! Lesson learned: To do lists are my friends. MAKE THEM!!! 🙂 GIANT-MAN (Mutations & Monsters) Yet another version of the many-alter-ego’d Dr. Henry Pym in Heroclix, this one is an alternate-Earth Pym turned into a zombie. I hate zombies on principle, pretty much. […]

Guardians of the Galaxy: RELOAD

August 3, 2010


I open this article with a new philosophy on battle reports. I’ve spent many a column whining about various FAIL moments in this game. But an audiobook chapter of “The One-Minute Millionaire” persuaded me to stop brooding on my failures in the game or to blaming others, the dice, or even myself. No, instead, I […]

My Custom Mods [mod 9]: Dragon Man

August 2, 2010


DRAGON MAN (Avengers) Anyone who’s ever played this figure knows what the problem was. The darn thing’s too top-heavy to stay upright and the flight peg, too under-manufactured to stay on the stand! Because Dragon Man’s trade value is so low, I didn’t mind making a change: Cut him off the oversized flight base. Broke […]