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F.U.N. Fights: Rockin’ Robin[s]

April 9, 2014


Some years ago, I wrote about wanting to play a team of nothing but different version of Robin, The Boy Wonder. Well, I did this past weekend, with the following team:   Robin [Arkham Origins] 72 + Batman Family ATA 4 Robin [Arkham Asylum] 66 Robin [Streets of Gotham 048] 59 + Batman Family ATA 4 Robin […]

F.U.N. Fights: Legion again

March 26, 2014


So about a month ago, I boldly took a somewhat overmatched Legion of Super-Heroes team to a Top  8 finish in the highly competitive Realms Open Championship qualifier. I decided to try out a new Legion team for another big tournament with big prizes on the line. Superboy [SLOSH] 100 Cosmic Boy [201] 70 Phantom […]

F.U.N. Fights: Animals again

March 19, 2014


This past weekend I found myself taking another little road trip to a big tournament to play for F.U.N. and prizes. And again, I found myself trying to compete with this F.U.N. team: Lizard [Amazing Spider-Man] 88 Vixen [Streets of Gotham] 74 + Justice League: Generation Lost ATA 3 Alyosha Kraven [Amazing Spider-Man] 70 Beast […]

F.U.N. Fights: Legion of Super-Heroes at ROC [part 2]

March 7, 2014


A few weeks ago, I learned that most of the regular players from the venue that I judge at had decided en masse to attend one of the Realms Open Championship qualifiers in a neighboring state, resulting in a likely empty venue that weekend. So I decided to come along and enter the tournament for […]

F.U.N. Fights: War Machine OUT TO WIN

December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas to my readers! I gift you with a blow-by-blow battle report of a recent HeroClix game I played. So most of the time I’m just glad to be playing, trying new figs, building goofball themes — y’know, having F.U.N. But after all the mental errors and straight up FAIL I recounted in last week’s report, […]

F.U.N. Fights full of FAIL

December 18, 2013


One of the things that keep me humble is how badly I still manage to muck up in this game after all this time. Part of the reason is that I’m always, ALWAYS trying out unfamiliar figures. Other times it’s due to straight-up mental error. And then there’s dice. Take this weekend’s fight using the […]

F.U.N. Fights: Ride of the Valkyries

December 11, 2013


At last, that 900-point Golden Age opportunity to run this team came about. Valkyrie (Hammer of Thor 055) 145 + Not So Special 3 Valkyrie (Fear Itself 005) 130 + Contingency Plan 12 Mirage (Wolverine and The X-Men 004) 75 Valkyrie (Sinister 048) 71 + Not So Special 3 Brunnhilde (Sinister 204) 69  + Not So Special 3 […]