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TOP TEN Medics: #1

December 15, 2012


  And now, number 1: Donald Blake (Chaos War 010) The Modern Age king of modern medicine, the mortal form of Thor is Heroclixin’s top medic. With his 11 AV, he’s not likely to miss many Support rolls, and a full dial of the power makes him pretty pushable. He’s not very long-lived at four […]

TOP TEN Medics: #4 and #3 and #2

December 13, 2012


Number 4 Kantus (Gears of War 008) Comics aren’t the only inspiration for healers. This video game character shows that. But why’s he make the list? A dial-ful of Support. Leap/Climb to get in position…or the Locust Horde TA to do the same and get a foe OUT of position, potentially. Starting Perplex to aid […]

TOP TEN Medics: #6 and #5

December 12, 2012


Number 6 (tie) Alfred Pennyworth (Batman 031) Alfred Pennyworth (Batman Fast Forces 005) Yep, the Wayne family’s faithful butler claims a spot twice. The main set’s Alfred brings Perplex and solid 9 AV to the table with perma-Willpower through Indomitable. Better still is the fact that it works from 4 range AND heals extra clicks […]

TOP TEN Medics: #8 – #7

December 11, 2012


Number 8 Guard of the Citadel (Lord of the Rings 20 ) Peregrin Took here climbs to #8 with Leap/Climb for that mobility that a good combat medic could use — and at a far better speed value than the #10 member of the list at less than half the cost at 29 points. For […]

TOP TEN Medics: [operation in progress]

December 10, 2012


Sorry, I’m not able to get the latest installment up today. But the next is 90% done (no voracious WordPress issues today!) and should be ready for Tuesday!

TOP TEN Medics: [interrupted]

December 6, 2012


  Ugh. I had the update just about finished and then WordPress ate it. So no update today. I may call this week a wash and pick up on Monday with numbers eight and seven. The good news is that I’d written up to half of number six, so I should be able to get […]

TOP TEN Medics: #10 – #9

December 5, 2012


Number 10 Accomplished Perfect Physician (Crisis 044) This member of China’s team of superheroes super functionaries is one of the better healers in the game with his starting 10 Attack Value and 17 Defense backed by Super Senses. A full dial of Leap/Climb enables him to easily get out of adjacency if based, and a […]