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Top Ten HeroClix of 2013: No. 10

December 31, 2013


10 Iron Fist [Fear Itself 007] For melee combat, there’s almost no clix better for the cost. It’s his Improved Movement that sets him apart: He can Charge through shrubs, blowing right by characters, and over hills with ease. Once in base, he’s guarded by Combat Reflexes and Super Senses. He’s also a candidate for […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2013 [intro]

December 30, 2013


A year ago, Heroclixin’ punted on doing a top ten clix list because so many broken mechanics showed up in the game. Then 2013 showed us what “broken” REALLY meant. Fortunately, WizKids saw at least some of its errors and created a “Watch List” that led to some repair of the game. So this year, […]

F.U.N. Fights: War Machine OUT TO WIN

December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas to my readers! I gift you with a blow-by-blow battle report of a recent HeroClix game I played. So most of the time I’m just glad to be playing, trying new figs, building goofball themes — y’know, having F.U.N. But after all the mental errors and straight up FAIL I recounted in last week’s report, […]

F.U.N. Forces: Rating the Wolverines

December 20, 2013


In a much earlier F.U.N. Fights battle report, I wrote about the miserable performance of my all-Wolverine team, leading me to swear off the build forever. Some of you weighed in on which versions of the character I should keep since I decided to unload a bunch. Here’s my thought process and some tentative decisions: […]

F.U.N. Fights full of FAIL

December 18, 2013


One of the things that keep me humble is how badly I still manage to muck up in this game after all this time. Part of the reason is that I’m always, ALWAYS trying out unfamiliar figures. Other times it’s due to straight-up mental error. And then there’s dice. Take this weekend’s fight using the […]

Token Totin’ Tuesday: Invincible Iron Man [part 2]

December 17, 2013


Heroclixin’ continues photo-documenting how the latest main set’s Super-Strong figs heft object tokens. Next up is Tony Stark’s gal friday, Rescue [Invincible Iron Man 202]: It can be tucked just under her armpit for a decent hold. Dreadnought [204] uses its head. Different holds for differing thickness of token: Crossbones [206] uses his guns — and […]

Token Totin’ Thursday: Invincible Iron Man [part 1]

December 12, 2013


It’s high time Heroclixin’ started photo-documenting how the latest main set’s Super-Strong figs heft object tokens. First up: The Wrecker [050] holds his securely in his wreckage. Sasquatch [019a] has a grip that’s considerably more pedestrian…it just leans on him. Piledriver can grip the newer, fatter tokens up high as shown. Older, thinner ones will […]

F.U.N. Fights: Ride of the Valkyries

December 11, 2013


At last, that 900-point Golden Age opportunity to run this team came about. Valkyrie (Hammer of Thor 055) 145 + Not So Special 3 Valkyrie (Fear Itself 005) 130 + Contingency Plan 12 Mirage (Wolverine and The X-Men 004) 75 Valkyrie (Sinister 048) 71 + Not So Special 3 Brunnhilde (Sinister 204) 69  + Not So Special 3 […]

Token Totin’ Tuesday: Wolverine+X-Men [part final]

December 10, 2013


Continuing this photographic record of figures hefting objects, this time finishing a multi-week look at figs from the  Wolverine and the X-Men full set. The final is the same as the first, sort of: Colossus (Wolverine and The X-Men 059). There’s a spot at his head where one can wedge the older, thinner tokens. The newer, […]

Top ten best (and 5 worst) relics [part final]

December 9, 2013


The very best of the relics are these: 2 M’Krann Crystal Sliver [Wolverine and the X-Men] Another 8-pointer, this is almost the best relic to play thanks to its 50% shot at pickup and the get-out-of-KO-free card it represents and that it’s largely one-size-fits-all. It misses the top slot only because it kicks in when you’re […]