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Battle Report #2: For the glory of the Skrull Empire!!!!!!

March 30, 2009


Played 3/14/09 The scenario: 2000 points; at least 5 characters must be green or have the green Uncommon tab. Rounds last 60 minutes, with both sides getting an even number of turns; shock barriers activate on turn 5. My take: Another SKRULL INVASION!!!!! I’ve wanted to play a big Skrull force anchored by the Skrull […]

Post-game report #1: Wackiness

March 27, 2009


OK, so this post is coming a bit later than I promised, but it’s not like I had any visitors yet, anyway! The scenario: 800 points and at least two figures had to sport either the Green Lantern symbol or the keyword. My take: Well, since I haven’t scored a Guy Gardner yet, I didn’t […]

Hello, fellow HeroClix fans!

March 19, 2009


This is Rurouni KJS, as seen on HCRealms and Pojo, the two main websites for all things HeroClix-related since WizKids took the dirt nap. Not much to say for now — I’m still feeling my way around this WordPress software — but look to here for plenty of HeroClix content in the coming weeks, including: […]