HeroClixin’ Glossary

Ever confused by some of the acronyms and abbreviations I use in these articles? Here’s a key. FINALLY REALLY UPDATED 12/5/13!!!

10% limit/10% cap — The current HeroClix rules prevent feats from being more than 10% of your total build limit.

Activation Click — A significantly lower-powered click than the one that follows it. Usually appears on the starting click of characters who transform from a weaker form to a more powerful one (e.g. Bruce Banner to Hulk).

AEAlter Ego, a type of Special Power. Also used to denote figures that use this game mechanic.

AP — Armor Piercing, a feat that prevent damage from being reduced to 0, rendering both Impervious and Toughness particularly useless.

ATA — Alternate Team Ability. Originally a feat card that changed a set of characters’ team ability to a new one, ATAs are now considered their own mechanic.

AV — Attack Value.

BCF — Blades/Claws/Fangs, a standard attack power. Not to be confused with BFC.

Beat stick — A powerful attacking character. AKA Beastick.

BFC — Battlefield Condition, a card played at the beginning of a HeroClix game that alters one or more rules of the game for that game only. Not to be confused with BCF.

Bizarro — An unofficial game format is which characters start on their final click and damage and healing click the opposite direction as normal.

Brick — A powerful attacking character with damage reducing powers.

Bush — Generic term for any hindering terrain. (Example: “My Batman’s using Stealth to hide in a bush.”)

Cardboard — Optional card elements of HeroClix, especially Feats and Battlefield Conditions and sometimes including Special Objects and Bystanders.

Chase — An ultra-rare figure pulled only from boosters.

Cheese — a slightly derogatory term for highly effective characters, feats or other game elements.  See also “min/max” or “meta”

CUR — Abbreviation for Common/Uncommon/Rare in the 60-figure set configuration since the 2007 Avengers release. A full CUR set nets one all the non-Super Rare/Limited Edition/Chase figures.

DV — Defense Value.

EB — Earthbound/Neutralized, a standard speed power.

EWExploit Weakness, a standard damage power.

FCBD — Free Comic Book Day. Sometimes HeroClix figures are released for this annual event and are identified with this acronym.

Generic — A figure that doesn’t represent any individual person and could thus be played in multiples in the Highlander format. (See “Highlander”)

Golden Age — An official game format (as of mid-summer 2010) in which all characters and tactics are allowed.

Highlander — An unofficial game rule in which only one copy of any character can be used in a force unless the judge rules that the character is a generic character. (See “Generic”)

HSS — Hypersonic Speed, a standard speed power.

ICWO — In Contact With Oracle, a popular feat card. Also the most broken piece of rubbish cardboard crutch ever made for this game of which every existing copy should be burned with everlasting hellfire. (Wait, did I type that out loud?)

Killbox — A formation, usually much closer to one’s own starting area than the opponent’s, that allows multiple attacks on an enemy figure without significantly repositioning the formation.

LAMP — An acronym for Lockjaw/Armor Piercing/Mastermind/Poison, a strategy in which a character damages opponents for free using Poison and the Armor Piercing feat. Opponents’ counterattacks are shunted to a long-lived taxi (the Lockjaw character being the most efficient example) who chases down opponents that manage to flee the Poison trap.

LE — Limited Edition, a figure not available in boosters but only as tournament prizes or other promotions.

LOF — Line of Fire, a HeroClix game term. Often mistakenly referred to as Line of Sight.

LOS — Line of Sight, a Batman Alphaclix game term. Often mistakenly used instead of the correct term Line of Fire in the true HeroClix game.

MC — Mind Control, a standard speed power.

Meat shield — A character used chiefly to block line of fire to a more important character. Also, the act of doing so.

Medic — A character that can use the Support power. Usually only on the team for this healing ability.

Metagame — Basically, the aggregation of tactics, figures and strategies in a game that lead to the best chance of victory. Not really Heroclixin’s thing.

Min/max — A team or the act of building a team with minimal weaknesses and maximum effectiveness. Usually not even slightly thematic or fun.

MM fodder — Short for Mastermind fodder. A figure or figures whose chief purpose on a team is to take damage for a friendly character using the Mastermind power.

Mod — Short for modification. A figure whose factory-made sculpt or paint job is altered or customized by a fan.

Modern Age — An official game format  (as of mid-summer 2010)  in which only characters with character cards and elements from the last two starter sets are legal to play. Battlefield Conditions and feats are not allowed.

MOE — Masters of Evil team ability.

OOTS Acronym for “Out Of The Shadows,” a Special Power belonging to Justice League Batman #001. Used to identify this popular and powerful Batman figure.

PB — Psychic Blast (also Penetrating/Psychic Blast), a standard attack power.

Pit crew — A group of characters on a force that collectively supply 3 or more of the following powers: Telekinesis, Outwit, Probability Control, Perplex, Support.

Pog — Bystander character.

PW — Pulse Wave, a standard attack power.

Restricted — An older official format allowing, roughly, only the past 2-3 years of sets in a game.

REV — Acronym for Rookie/Experienced/Veteran, the chief designation for figures prior to the Avengers set. No longer as prevalent in the modern game.

RS — Running Shot, a standard speed power.

SE — Steal Energy, a standard attack power.

Short-clicking — A cheating method in which players do not click their characters the proper amount of damage taken.

SR — Super Rare.

STOPP — An acrostic for the five supporting powers Support, Telekinesis, Outwit, Probability Control, Perplex, the five “pit crew” powers used to buff and back up a core of more powerful attackers or to maximize the potential of a well-balanced team. See also: TOPPS

Swarm — A large team of low-cost figures.

TA — Team Ability.

Taxi — A character whose role is to carry other characters. Also the act of doing so.

Tentpole — A figure that either takes up around half the build total or costs significantly more than other characters on the force and would deal the majority of the damage.

Tie up — The tactic of deliberately becoming adjacent to an enemy to prevent it from moving freely or firing. Also a character used for this tactic.

TK — Telekinesis, a standard attack power. Also, the act of using this power.

TOPPS — An acrostic for Telekinesis Outwit Perplex Probability and Support, the five “pit crew” powers used to buff and back up a core of more powerful attackers or to maximize the potential of a well-balanced team. See also STOPP

U — Unique, a silver-ringed figure that cannot be played in multiples on a force.

Unrestricted — An older official format allowing all characters and elements.

WC —Wild card, a type of character that can use the team abilities of friendly characters.

Set acronyms
D10: DC 10th Anniversary
2099: Marvel 2099 collector’s set
AA: Arkham Asylum
ACB: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
ACR: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
AM: Avengers Movie
AW: Armor Wars
AV: Avengers
BA: Batman Alpha
BB: The Brave and the Bold
BM: Batman (2012 set)
BN: Blackest Night starter set
BPRD: Hellboy BPRD set
CA: Captain America
CD: Collateral Damage
CJ: Cosmic Justice
CM: Critical Mass
CoH: City of Heroes
CoV: City of Villians
CR: Crisis
CT: Clobberin’ Time
CW: Chaos War
D75: DC 75th Anniversary
DK: Dark Knight Rises
DoFP: Days of Future Past action pack
DR: Danger Room starter set
F4: Fantastic Four starter set
FF: Fantastic Forces
GG: Galactic Guardian
Giants: Giants collector’s set
GLC: Green Lantern Corps collector’s set
GL: Green Lantern Gravity Feed set
GW: Gears of War set
GX: Giant-Size X-Men
HALO: Halo
HOB: The Hobbit
HoT: Hammer of Thor
HT: Hypertime
IC: Infinity Challenge
Icons: Icons
IG: Infinity Gauntlet
IH: Incredible Hulk
IN: Indy
Inv: Invincibles
JH: Jonah Hex
JL: Justice League
JL52: Justice League 52
Leg: Legacy
LoSH: Legion of Super-Heroes starter set
LOTR: Lord of the Rings
M10: Marvel 10th Anniversary
M+M: Mutations and Monsters
MM: Mutant Mayhem
OR: Origins
SCAM: Sinestro Corps Anti-Monitor
SF: Street Fighter
SG: Streets of Gotham
SI: Secret Invasion
Sin: Sinister
SM: Superman
ST: Star Trek Tactics
SV: Supernova
TB: Tab Apps
UNI: Universe
UNL: Unleashed
ULT: Ultimates
WK: WizKids Exclusive
WM: Watchmen
WR: War of the Light
WS: Web of Spider-Man
XP: Xplosion

Did I miss something? Comment and I’ll add it to the list (…IF it’s a term I’m likely to use on this site)!

4 Responses “HeroClixin’ Glossary” →

  1. Dave Lewis

    June 1, 2011

    Anyway you could add some updates to this glossary? This is helpful for me but there are still MANY terms that get used on the boards over at hcrealms that as a home player I don’t get. Killbox, and metagame come to mind. Thanks for any and all help and love your site!

    • EXCELLENT suggestion. Although I’m less likely to use those terms here on Heroclixin’ (where it’s more about fun than meta), I still want to be a resource for players. I’ll see what I can do about getting some new glossary terms that have cropped up in the last six months or so since I finalized the current page.

      As always, thanks for reading!

  2. Just stumbled across this blog today and I was excited to see a glossary… was specifically looking for a definition of “metagame” too.. only to then realize the possible update was mentioned 2 years ago.

    • OMG. I distinctly recall doing that update and adding definitions and all, but it seems it never got to the actual site! Hopefully THIS time’s the charm…?


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