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Best of Soldier keyword guest review: Elite corps & commanders

July 29, 2011


Sorry, readers, for missing so many days of updates! I was unusually busy back in the week when this series started. Then my DSL modem catastrophically failed (turns out it had been recalled years ago, so I got a free replacement). Then I had to scrape up cash to catch up on my internet bill. […]

Technical difficulties resolved!

July 26, 2011


Heroclixin’ is back, almost. Need a day or two to get back on the saddle. Here’s what to look for soon: • The conclusion of the “Best of Soldier” guest reviews • new Token-Totin’ pix from Captain America • and, perhaps, another of my monthly Top 10 article series. (Or maybe I’ll hold off on […]

Technical difficulties continue.

July 15, 2011


Aaagh! My modem self-destructed, so I’ve essentially been without internet for the past half-week. I’m just glad I decided to post the Captain America pocket checklist a bit early instead of waiting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete Morrison’s guest Soldier reviews starting next Monday, then return to Token Totin’ with a brand-new Captain America […]

CAPTAIN AMERICA set pocket checklist

July 12, 2011


Sorry for my lack of recent updates! Life got in the way last week and technical issues did today. And now… …it’s time for another set of HeroClix! Here’s my customary checklist. CAP Checklist It’s got both the regular set pieces releasing tomorrow and the Gravity Feed figures already on sale, so you can start […]

Best of Soldier keyword guest review: Field Commanders

July 6, 2011


After the grunts on July 4th and the lieutenants Tuesday, Morrison looks at the field commanders below… ___________________ Field Commander These guys may not be as sturdy as the above, but they bring something else to the fight, great supporting ability. ____________________________ Rocket Raccoon (Hammer of Thor #028) He brings cheap Prob (with the Leap/Climb […]

Best of Soldier keyword guest review: Lieutenants

July 5, 2011


Having covered the infantry last time, now Morrison looks at the commissioned pieces, Lieutenants: These guys can hold their own on the field and are great investments for mid-range points. ________________________ The Thing (Secret Invasion #104) Very few, and I mean very few figures can compete with Ben Grimm right here for sheer effectiveness, both […]

Best of SOLDIER keyword guest review: Ground troops!

July 4, 2011


Heroclixin’ guest reviewer Morrison presents an analysis of the Soldier keyword. Like he did for the Armor reviews a couple of months back, he’s split them up according to class, starting today with Ground Troops. __________________ Hello faithful readers out there on the internet. It’s ThatGuyoverthere again. For a while I was considering doing another […]