Top Ten Heroclix of 2011: #4

Posted on January 24, 2012



Magog (Superman #035)

The anti-hero of Kingdom Come blasts his way to a high point on the Top Ten because:

  • He’s about as dangerous a grounded Charge figure gets with his 12 AV, Super Strength and 4-damage Exploit Weakness. That’s enough to KO a lot of enemies outright…
  • …which activates his “Excessive Force” trait, allowing him to immediately make a whole ‘nother free action. (In fact, before wiser, calmer rulings prevailed, there was talk of this ability not being limited by the global “once-per-turn” rule on free actions, which led to a lot of one-turn massacres of short-dialed opponents.)
  • Mid-dial, he switches to a ranged focus via Running Shot and Pulse Wave, but remains utterly deadly in melee with Close Combat Expert.
  • Defensively, he’s well-armored with Impervious, Invulnerability or Toughness all dial long.
  • And even though basing him is one of the last things many foes really want to do, his Kingdom Come TA makes that a difficult proposition. It’s especially useful on his end-dial…
  • …when he shifts focus to healing and defending via his SP. He can use Support, sharing his low DV for the action, or use an adjacent ally’s higher DV to help him better stay alive.

This is where I usually list the character’s weaknesses. Magog doesn’t really have any, other than his DV only peaking at 17 and being a boot speed character at 172 points. If that’s all that’s wrong, it’s no wonder he’s one of the very best figs of 2011.

Next is a less powerful but much cheaper piece…a blast from the past.