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November 24, 2014


And it’s kicking! All the content you’ve grown accustomed to enjoying here at is available at the new site, with an improved design. So click below and see what you’ve been missing. And thank you for visiting!

Welcome to Heroclixin’ 2.0

September 10, 2014


As noted a little while ago, Heroclixin’ is moving to a new permanent home, That means this existing site will start to become inactive during the transition. We’d planned to get the new spot picture-perfect first, but this has always been a shoestring operation that tends to wing it. And I’m such a perfectionist that […]

Heroclixin’ is going to Dragon*Con

August 25, 2014


For as long as this blog has been active (FIVE YEARS?!?), yours truly has, at minimum, put in an appearance each Labor Day weekend at one of the largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the U.S., the massive nerd prom known as Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Ga. This year is the third that I’ll be acting as one […]

FUN Focus: Guardians of the Galaxy [part 2: NECA era]

August 18, 2014


Wow, a little time has passed since the last update that was SUPPOSED to come early last week, not early THIS week. We promise there’s a reason for it (more than standard laziness, anyhow) that’ll be apparent in the near future. Anyway, we continue the FUN Focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy, this time looking […]

A checklist for Guardians of the Galaxy

August 13, 2014


We interrupt our slowly developing F.U.N.Focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy keyword to bring you a pocket checklist to help keep track of your collection. As a bonus, we’ve tossed in one for the Inhumans Fast Forces, too. Download the PDF from the link below. GotGCHECKLIST

F.U.N. Fights: Figure Flush last Friday

May 29, 2014


So I was at a small convention waiting for players to show for the HeroClix event I was running. But none did because they had other events to attend that were probably more appealing. Determined not to waste the time entirely, I made six teams from the unplayed Deadpool pieces I’d recently acquired and set […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014 update: Three down

May 22, 2014


So a little while back (y’know, when I used to update this blog every other day back in April), I had a Top Ten list of changes the game needs: Highfather Resources Arwen Incapacitate  Science Police Officer Super Strength Tellus Brother Voodoo Iron Pharaoh/Regeneration Injustice League We got three of them when Highfather, Arwen and […]

Apparently, I needed a break.

April 27, 2014


It’s been a little while since the last bonafide Heroclixin’ update, it’s true. Ye olde blogger has been a bit bogged down in minor RL annoyances compounded with viewing old movies and TV shows on DVD — and, of course, playing actual games of HeroClix. Planning to get things back in gear in May. Thanks for […]

F.U.N. Friday: How do I collect?

April 18, 2014


There was an interesting thread on HCRealms yesterday titled: “How do you ‘Clix?” It was really asking about other fans’ buying habits. Here’s how I do. I used to buy a brick of each full-sized set. But with the exception of the recent Superman and The Legion of Super-Heroes set, I haven’t done that in years. Instead, […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014: part 4 of 4

April 4, 2014


No. 3 Arwen Yeah, she’s Golden Age. But so are a fair number of brand-new figs these days. And like Brother Voodoo, she’s become one of those pieces that’s so good that she’s an auto-pick. She needs a fix. The trouble with her is her epic action trait that allows her to repeatedly deal multiple […]