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My Custom Mods [mod 8]: FALCON (Avengers)

July 26, 2010


FALCON (Avengers) Despite the fact that the sculpt is absolutely comic-accurate: …I’ve never liked it. And why would I? This is a character whose only power is flight and the sculpt is of him crouched on the floor… …in mid-air. Um…really? Emboldened by my successful re-position of Danger Room Storm’s cape, I attempted a similar […]

Agents of Atlas: Full of FAIL?

July 22, 2010


Last time I wrote about this themed team, I fretted about feats. But in the new Modern Age format, feats (and battlefield conditions) are disallowed. Fortunately, the team still works fine — in theory — with just a few bystanders and Special Objects. Jimmy Woo 46 M-11 59 Gorilla-Man 61 Namora 76 Marvel Boy (Hammer […]

My Custom Mods [mod 7]: Rookie SHAZAM (Origin)

July 19, 2010


Rookie SHAZAM (Origin) People called this the NAMBLA sculpt. While I think those people are either a bit overreactive, it’s not hard to see why they might make such a comment. It is a little bit…disturbing. More to the point for a comic book continuity nerd like myself is that Billy Batson the human boy […]

Alternate Team Abilities: Who wins? Who loses?

July 13, 2010


As with most changes to the game, the new Alternate Team Abilities mechanic produces some win/lose situations in HeroClix. ALPHA FLIGHT Keyword(s): Alpha Flight Cost: 4 Once during each game, choose any team ability or opposing character. Each friendly character using this team ability modifies its attack value by +1 when attacking the chosen character […]

My Custom Mods [mod 6]: Experienced AQUAMAN (Icons)

July 12, 2010


Experienced AQUAMAN (Icons) After the success of my Emerald Eye of Ekron mod, I decided I now had the experience I needed to take the plunge into customizing this: into this costume from Aquaman’s 1990s pirate look: As Icons Experienced version is the only Aquaman with the range representing that extendable harpoon, my inner continuity nerd compelled […]

Secret Avengers. FAIL.

July 7, 2010


I love the Secret Avengers lineup and comic. It’s the best of Marvel’s Heroic Age Avengers launches. But I thus far cannot truly make the team work in HeroClix. Part of the problem is that they’re not all made, yet. Ant-Man Eric O’Grady is a different guy from the five versions of Dr. Hank Pym […]

My Custom Mods [mod 5]: EMERALD EYE OF EKRON

July 5, 2010


EMERALD EYE OF EKRON (Collateral Damage) As the name indicates, this LE version of Emerald Empress represents the Eye itself and not the woman who wields it. I wanted the sculpt to represent that. Here’s how I did it: Cut the Eye off her hand. Got a Green Flame/Fire figure from the same Collateral Damage […]