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Fighting Fire with F.U.N.: Heroclixin’s take on Watch List Results

October 25, 2013


So the Watch List results are in. Have they made the game more F.U.N. or not? HeroClix Team Bases’ Working Together ability This was the big one, given the mechanic’s capability of KOing any character — even Galactus! — in a single turn. WizKids agreed with Heroclixin’s recommendation that each successive attack get a -1 […]

Token Totin’ Thursday: FEAR ITSELF [part 7]

October 3, 2013


Continuing this photographic record of figures hefting objects, let’s look at some more from Fear Itself, like a most Worthy version of the Thing below, Angrir [Fear Itself]: The token balances fairly well on his back as shown. ____ Future editions of Token Totin’ Thursday will highlight more Fear Itself until it’s all shown. Have […]

Taking a bit of a hiatus.

October 2, 2013


So the combination of going away to Anime Weekend Atlanta and coming home to a carload of urgent project deadlines has kept me from updating as I wanted to. Therefore, Heroclixin’ is going to take a little break to retool and recharge. There’ll be some short battle reports and Token Totin’ pix, to be sure. […]