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My Custom Mods [mod 29]: Veteran DRAX (Supernova)

November 29, 2010


Veteran DRAX (Supernova) While the Rookie and Experienced versions of this character both bear the “Destroyer” tagline and the Wing symbol, the vet version not only lacks both, but he has a radically different appearance: He’s actually physically smaller than his more hulking Destroyer incarnation, but as initially drawn in the Guardians of the Galaxy, […]

Force-Building Fridays: An Introduction

November 26, 2010


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I almost certainly have had one, but this was written and set to publish earlier in the week. OK, so I revealed my grand plans to bring a new feature to Heroclixin’ (almost) every weekday last week, but stopped short of the pressing the “Publish” key on this one […]

Token-Totin’ Thursday: Thanksgiving edition

November 25, 2010


I’m away from my computer, celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with family. But in case you’re visiting today, I thought I’d schedule a relative feast of pics for you. In fact, because it contains a Thanksgiving dinner scene, the nerdcore 2002 film Spider-Man has become something of an annual broadcast tradition. So enjoy this Spider-centric edition, and have a happy […]

Wed. Battle Report: 200-pt Dark Avengers

November 24, 2010


I was headed to a 200-point Modern Age tournament and wracking my brain trying to decide between three different builds. Suddenly I considered my most-recent clix acquisition, and a perfect force came to mind: “Who, me?!?” Bullseye (Web of Spider-Man) 117 Norman Osborn  (Web of Spider-Man) 66 + Thunderbolts ATA 16 + AE Green Goblin […]

Token-Totin’ Tuesday: Clayface

November 23, 2010


Welcome to Token-Totin’, a visual journal of HeroClix sculpts that can hold the game’s object tokens. Today’s subject is REV Clayface (and LE sculpt-mates Basil Karlo and Ultimate Clayface) from 2006’s Collateral Damage. Even with his hands full, he can tote his token! Sadly, the one Modern Age version of Clayface from Batman Alpha is […]

My Custom Mods [mod 28]: Unique PHOENIX (Ultimates)

November 22, 2010


U PHOENIX (Ultimates) This 2004 representation of the X-Man Rachel Summers is pretty good both from a playability and sculpt standpoint. But in 2007, a new version of Miss Summers was released in the Days Of Future Past action pack that looked even better, replacing the painted firebird effect with translucent plastic: …representing her past […]

Atlantis Attacks [wave 2]: AQUAMAN ASSAULT

November 17, 2010


One of the things players like most about HeroClix is the ability to play out scenarios starring their favorite characters. For me, that sometimes manifests as a desire to play a team consisting only of several versions of a favorite character. (For example, back in late spring I played a 1000-point team consisting of enough […]

New features coming for every (week)day!

November 16, 2010


In an effort to more regularly update my blog, I’m adding 2.5 new features to the site! I’m already doing My Custom Mods on Mondays, even though I’m currently running low with only 12 or so left in the can (which is one reason I wasn’t so gung-ho about getting the latest mod up yesterday). […]

My Custom Mods [mod 27]: ROBIN (Arkham Asylum)

November 8, 2010


ROBIN (Arkham Asylum) Just like the Robin half of Mod #12, the underside of the Boy Wonder’s cape was unpainted. In this case, the cape was even bigger and the omission all the more egregious. Here’s how I fixed it: Painted cape with yellow acrylic. Added another coat. And another. Next Monday: A good old […]

Atlantis Attacks [wave 1]: Brightest Day AQUAMAN!

November 4, 2010


Being a HUGE Aquaman fan, he was the first character I had to try out from the brand-new Brightest Day Action Pack. I did so in a friendly home game against a pal, who played his own BD figs Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Deadman, Hawkgirl and Captain Boomerang versus my Atlantis-themed team: Namor (Secret Invasion) 150 […]