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Top Ten Police keyword: #1 and #2

September 30, 2011


#2 Barry Allen  (DC 75th Anniversary #054) Good cop: Hypersonic Speed is the best power in the game.  He’s got solid numbers backing it up. Mid-dial Exploit Weakness with Combat Reflexes give him a reason to not just hit-and-run all the time. If he does get hit to deep clicks, then he can Flurry with his SP…and Flurry […]

Top Ten Police keyword: #3 and #4

September 29, 2011


#4 Bishop (Mutations and Monsters #014) Good cop: Running Shot + 8 range, 11 AV and 3 damage make him a solid first-string, first-strike piece for the Police. Leadership is also good, with many of his cohorts being cheaper than his 100-point cost. Push easily to Outwit on click #2 in case you’ve got tough […]

Top Ten Police keyword: #5 and #6

September 28, 2011


#6 Nightwing (Crisis #029) Good cop: Leadership followed by Perplex make Mr. Grayson a superb support piece. His triad of team abilities keep him safe and aid in his great support ability. He’s hard to hit, sporting an effective 19 or better DV almost no matter what. He’s very featable, too, qualifying for many of the best. […]

New set, new checklist (Superman)

September 28, 2011


Thanks to early set spoilage, the Superman pocket checklist is ready on time. SUP Checklist (A list for Halo is also in progress but that set has yet to be fully revealed. Watch this blog!)

Top Ten Police keyword: #7 and #8

September 27, 2011


#8 Lt. Marcus Stone (Web of Spider-Man #021) Good cop: Hey, Outwit! Even though he’s got to get close to use it, it’s still welcome. His trait  makes him a boon to ANY adjacent fellow Police officers. He’s not too expensive at 45 points for all that. Bad cop: His stats aren’t too hot, especially […]

Top Ten Police keyword: #9 and #10

September 26, 2011


#10 Rookie Mandroid Armor (Clobberin’ Time #007) Good cop: low cost. At 28 points, this generic’s the game’s cheapest source of Telekinesis, a power in short supply among Police. SHIELD team ability.  Even down his dial, this keeps him useful for the mostly range-oriented cop squads. Bad cop: Only one click that’s any good.  Final […]

Top 10 Police keyword: intro

September 23, 2011


We in the U.S. look back on 9/11, the day 10 years ago that changed everything. One thing that event made stark to us is how very much we are continually indebted to the heroes in our midst — the first responders. The ones who, while the rest of us run from danger, are running […]

Token Totin’ Thursday: SUPERBOY (DC 75th)

September 22, 2011


Continuing the photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens. With the Superman set right around the corner, here’s his half-clone, Superboy:   Superboy holds it, sorta, on his chest or under his chin. No Token Totin’ next week, as it’s time for another end-of-month Top Ten list. (Haven’t quite decided […]

Token Totin’ Tuesday: GORILLA GRODD (Arkham Asylum)

September 20, 2011


Continuing the photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens, today we’re looking at the super-powerful simian, GORILLA GRODD:   His hand’s full of skull, but one can just fit the token under his armpit and in the stat slot. Be back Thursday for another edition of Token Totin’!  

Card Art #4: Submerged

September 19, 2011


Continuing this feature (replacing “My Custom Mods”) in which I talk a bit on how I selected artwork for feats and battlefield conditions that didn’t come with art, originally. This Monday, let’s look at Ordinary Day from Icons. … Oh, I didn’t do Ordinary Day from Icons. I forgot there even WAS an Ordinary Day […]