Top Ten HeroClix of 2011: #10

Posted on January 10, 2012


At last, starting today, I’m counting down the top ten HeroClix released last year. Let’s jump right in!


Like this, only…blue.

A.I.M. Renegade (Hulk #017)

Wait…WHAT? He’s a weakling alone, only sporting a minimal 1 damage at a mediocre 5 range and poor Attack Values. What’s this peon doing here? Well…

  • He’s great for fellow shooters, sporting the range-friendly Enhancement power and Hydra team ability.
  • Similarly, he’s got a starting click of Barrier to help shield his adjacent shooting pal for a turn.
  • His Scientist keyword is one of the best, and he gets a nice bonus to his own AV and damage when targeting foes who share his keywords or team ability.
  • But best of all, he’s just one short push away from two clicks of Outwit!
  • He’s a total utility machine for only 34 points, leaving lots of room for lots of shooters.

Naturally, he’s weak alone and will need a lot of pals to get his own points’ worth. But that’s the nature of all support pieces, and he’s just about the best of this year. Because he’ll make any team more competitive, he’s Heroclixin’s #10 most playable piece of 2011.

Next up is one of those shooters who’ll benefit a fair amount from being his teammate. Check out who it might be tomorrow.