Heroclixin.com is live.

November 24, 2014


And it’s kicking! All the content you’ve grown accustomed to enjoying here at heroclixin.wordpress.com is available at the new site, with an improved design. So click below and see what you’ve been missing. And thank you for visiting! www.heroclixin.com

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Welcome to Heroclixin’ 2.0

September 10, 2014


As noted a little while ago, Heroclixin’ is moving to a new permanent home, www.heroclixin.com. That means this existing site will start to become inactive during the transition. We’d planned to get the new spot picture-perfect first, but this has always been a shoestring operation that tends to wing it. And I’m such a perfectionist that […]

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Heroclixin’ is going to Dragon*Con

August 25, 2014


For as long as this blog has been active (FIVE YEARS?!?), yours truly has, at minimum, put in an appearance each Labor Day weekend at one of the largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the U.S., the massive nerd prom known as Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Ga. This year is the third that I’ll be acting as one […]

FUN Focus: Guardians of the Galaxy [part 2: NECA era]

August 18, 2014


Wow, a little time has passed since the last update that was SUPPOSED to come early last week, not early THIS week. We promise there’s a reason for it (more than standard laziness, anyhow) that’ll be apparent in the near future. Anyway, we continue the FUN Focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy, this time looking […]

A checklist for Guardians of the Galaxy

August 13, 2014


We interrupt our slowly developing F.U.N.Focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy keyword to bring you a pocket checklist to help keep track of your collection. As a bonus, we’ve tossed in one for the Inhumans Fast Forces, too. Download the PDF from the link below. GotGCHECKLIST

F.U.N. Focus: Guardians of the Galaxy [part 1: pre-NECA]

August 8, 2014


 OK, finally time to start this, because Heroclixin’ has seen the film. Liked it, didn’t quite love it. But almost. Recommended. Which clix are recommended, though? Read on. Yellowjacket [Clobberin’ Time 027] 37 A Guardian by keyword alone, she appeared in the 1990s series as a refugee from the 20th Century. And this Vet, coming […]

F.U.N. Focus: Guardians of the Galaxy [intro]

August 1, 2014


In the early days of Heroclixin’, battle reports starring the Guardians of the Galaxy were like a regular thing, practically. Now with a new movie on the scene, equally new HeroClix are emerging. This F.U.N. Focus is a new look at all the pieces available to the theme, set by set. But first, a little bit […]

F.U.N. Focus: ATLANTIS again [part 6: Non-Atlantis pieces]

July 30, 2014


To wrap up this F.U.N. Focus, here are some pieces that lack the Atlantis keyword but could be useful on non-keyword-yet-thematic builds featuring dolphin speed characters. Starting from the cheapest: ^^^^^^^^^^ Mera (Crisis): She’s a got good movement value of 8, but her 15 DV and 7 AV make her the least of the swimming […]

F.U.N. Focus: ATLANTIS again [part 5: Over 125 points]

July 24, 2014


What’s scarier than sharks in the open sea? Orcas. See the apex predators of Atlantis — 126 points and higher — in the post below. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Above 125 points: alpha predators ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Experienced Sub-Mariner (Fantastic Forces): Identical to the 122-point LE, except sporting the Defenders TA, costing 8 more points and strangely missing the three mid-life clicks […]

F.U.N. Focus: ATLANTIS again [part 4: 101-125 points]

July 19, 2014


This  F.U.N. Focus (previous parts here) continues, being a needed update to a far-too-long article reviewing all characters with the Atlantis keyword in much better bite-sized installments. These are the main hitters for this keyword: the killer sharks, the maneaters, the 101-125 bracket. It ain’t safe to go in the water! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 101-125 points: maneaters ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Aquaman (Brightest […]