F.U.N. Friday: How do I collect?

April 18, 2014


There was an interesting thread on HCRealms yesterday titled: “How do you ‘Clix?” It was really asking about other fans’ buying habits. Here’s how I do. I used to buy a brick of each full-sized set. But with the exception of the recent Superman and The Legion of Super-Heroes set, I haven’t done that in years. Instead, […]

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F.U.N. Fights: Rockin’ Robin[s]

April 9, 2014


Some years ago, I wrote about wanting to play a team of nothing but different version of Robin, The Boy Wonder. Well, I did this past weekend, with the following team:   Robin [Arkham Origins] 72 + Batman Family ATA 4 Robin [Arkham Asylum] 66 Robin [Streets of Gotham 048] 59 + Batman Family ATA 4 Robin […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014: part 4 of 4

April 4, 2014


No. 3 Arwen Yeah, she’s Golden Age. But so are a fair number of brand-new figs these days. And like Brother Voodoo, she’s become one of those pieces that’s so good that she’s an auto-pick. She needs a fix. The trouble with her is her epic action trait that allows her to repeatedly deal multiple […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014: part 3 of 4

April 3, 2014


No. 6 Super Strength   Though it was helped a little by the added ability to set down objects as well as pick them up, Super Strength still suffers from the modern game’s scarcity of objects. Now, with ultra-light objects in the game, this power may have even less to work with. So Heroclixin’ proposes […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014: part 2 of 4

April 2, 2014


No. 8 Brother Voodoo He survived the first Watch List intact because its changes affected him. However, he’s still such a good piece and priced so cheaply that he’s almost an auto-pick for any competitive team today. And whenever any element is an auto-pick, there’s likely a game balancing issue. The trouble with BV is […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014: part 1 of 4

April 1, 2014


No. 10 [tie] Injustice League team ability This was on the 2011 list and it still hasn’t changed for the better. Worse, there are actually new characters recently given the TA, and it never gets used. So the No. 10 Most Needed Change in HeroClix is to change this: “Whenever a character using the Injustice […]

Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014: Intro

March 31, 2014


A couple years back, Heroclixin’ listed 10 things that needed to change to fix the game. 10. Event Dials 9. Outsiders team ability 8. Injustice League team ability 7. Barrier 6. Mind Control 5. Regeneration 4. Super Strength 3. Outwit 2. Silver Age 1. Incapacitate A lot of that stuff got addressed. Event Dials morphed […]

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