About Heroclixin’

I’ve been playing HeroClix since 2005 and have contributed to the online HC community for almost as long.

Heroclixin’ is all about F.U.N.:

  • Friendliness and Fellowship: We’re not here to make your teams Worlds-ready. We’re more about the enjoyment of all parties in a HeroClix match.
  • Usefulness and Utility: We also don’t think playing for fun should mean an auto-loss. There are ways to compete even with a less-than-optimized comic-accurate team. Also, this site aims to give players some resources to use, such as reviews and checklists.
  • Niftyness and Nerdcore: We love the source material of HeroClix and look to highlight it whenever possible, no matter how ridiculous (in fact, sometimes the more ridiculous, the better).

Hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy presenting it!


6 Responses “About Heroclixin’” →

  1. Lord Timothy

    September 16, 2009

    Khari, you are doing a great job with this site keep up the good work


  2. mantantalon

    February 1, 2010

    Your blogs pimp. Favorited!

  3. Hey! Where do you play in Atlanta?

  4. First of all your site is great! Being a huge GotG fan I apppreciate all the posts about them. I need your help on something. I have looked all over the internet for info about playing golden age cliqs with modern age cliqs. I can’t find anything. What are your thoughts on the pros & cons? Obviously you do it from some of the builds on here. The guys I play with won’t do it so half my collection is collecting dust. HELP!


    • First, thanks for reading! Always glad to get real living eyes on the site. 🙂
      Second, high-five for being a Guardians of the Galaxy fan. Too bad there aren’t enough of us, huh?
      Finally, on your question: I’d say there is no pro or con to mixing Modern and Golden Age clix. All HeroClix pieces are perfectly compatible with others, regardless of age. It’s actually MOST fun to use all the characters you have available.
      What ISN’T fun (and, I suspect, what your play group might be reacting to) is the fact that Golden Age also includes a lot of potentially fun-damaging elements like feats and battlefield conditions into the mix. Particularly irritating are the fact that certain cards are so good as to be ubiquitous. Also, certain older pieces encourage less-fun styles of play — for example, using multiple Con Artists to cheaply gain a lot of Perplex for a very, very low cost.
      Talk to your play group and ask why they won’t play Golden Age. It might not be that they dislike older figures, but that they dislike the metagame that sometimes comes with it.


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