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Top Ten 2011 rules winners & losers: #2 & #1

April 29, 2011


Finally at the end! The #2 WINNER is: BATTLE FURY Battle Fury has long been little more than a detriment: it keeps one from making ranged attacks or being carried. Sure, it protected one from Mind Control, but how often does that help ya? Well, it’s finally gotten a couple of upgrades. First, it now […]

Top Ten 2011 rules winners & losers: #4 & #3

April 28, 2011


The #4 WINNER(s): MULTI-ATTACK / QUAKE / MIND CONTROL Originally, I had saved this slot for Multi-Attack alone. The power action has gotten a hefty upgrade, allowing for ANY two actions rather than just two power actions that attack. (Thus, CD Spectre can, at last, Phase in and then Psychic Blast for massive damage. But […]

Top Ten 2011 winners & losers: #6 & #5

April 27, 2011


The #6 WINNER: PHASING/TELEPORT It’s become a move action, not a power action, so it works with “free move” team abilities like Avengers and Top Cow. And it’s GX Leech-proof, too! This simple change is nothing but positive and wins this super-mobile power a #6 berth. The #6 LOSER: WILD CARDS Whereas wild cards used […]

Top Ten 2011 rules winners & losers: #8 & #7

April 26, 2011


The #8 WINNER is: SHAPE CHANGE In the past, SC was a great line of defense against attack. But if the character was the only possible target and won the roll, the attacker still sometimes had the option to attempt a different action, such as a break away attempt or a simple move action. No […]

Top Ten 2011 rules winners & losers: #10 & #9

April 25, 2011


With each new spring or summer in Heroclix, there comes a new rulebook massaging and sometimes warping the game we enjoy. And with every change, there are winners and losers. For the next four days, Heroclixin’ will highlight two winners and two losers. #10 WINNER is: TELEKINESIS TK got a hefty upgrade in 2008’s rulebook and PAC […]

Friday F.U.N. Figure review: MADROX (Giant-Size X-Men)

April 22, 2011


One of my favorite characters, Madrox the Multiple Man makes another appearance in HeroClix. He’s quickly vaulted to the top of my “want-to-play” list, being another F.U.N. (Friendly, Useful, Neat or Nifty) piece: FRIENDLY GX Madrox is not a min/max piece (or pieces): Lacking any sort of moving attack or carry ability (unlike, say, Cuckoos), […]

New Top Ten(s) coming next week!

April 20, 2011


Sorry for the light content so far this week. I’m preparing a double-decker Top Ten article for next week that will hopefully make up for it: the 10 biggest winners and losers among the 2011 Rulebook and PAC changes. In the meantime, I may get another Token-Totin’ pic on tomorrow, and maybe another F.U.N. review […]

My Custom Mods [mod 38]: MARVEL BOY (Hammer of Thor)

April 18, 2011


MARVEL BOY (Hammer of Thor) The dial and sculpt only sort of matches the character’s Rookie state. But…WAIT. This is supposed to be the VETERAN? And he doesn’t even CALL himself Marvel Boy anymore! Ugh! I can’t do anything about the horrible, horrible dial. But I could at least fix his outfit. Here’s what I […]

F.U.N. Friday: Welcome to the GOTHAM CITY UNDERWORLD.

April 15, 2011


Welcome again to F.U.N. Friday, where I share team builds that are Friendly yet Useful and, above all, Nifty. Once I got Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, the Super Rare duo from The Brave And The Bold set, and  The Holiday Killer from same, I was finally able to build a decent Batman Enemy-centric team […]

New Comic Book Day Battles: the Watchmen’s UNDERWORLD!

April 13, 2011


I recently got a Watchmen Collector’s Set in a great trade. And because I like to play all my pieces at least once, I decided to use this team of no-good criminals in a 200-point tournament recently: Moloch the Mystic 79 Knot Top Leader 37 Larry & Mike 33 Knot Top 25 Knot Top 25 […]