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A checklist for Guardians of the Galaxy

August 13, 2014


We interrupt our slowly developing F.U.N.Focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy keyword to bring you a pocket checklist to help keep track of your collection. As a bonus, we’ve tossed in one for the Inhumans Fast Forces, too. Download the PDF from the link below. GotGCHECKLIST

DEADPOOL!!!!!! A checklist!!!

May 15, 2014


My unplanned-for break continues. But the good news is that part of it has been spent getting my new computer set up. My awesome little brother hooked me up with his old iMac to replace my ancient PowerMac. And it’s unbelievable how much faster working on this website is now compared to before! The bad […]

Top Ten best (and 5 worst) relics [intro]

December 2, 2013


It’s the holiday season, when many are out trying to obtain stuff. So it’s a good time to look at a HeroClix mechanic revolving around trying to obtain stuff: RELICS. Relics. They’re a weird thing in HeroClix. They cost extra points on the force but seem riddled with drawbacks: Limited to just one per force. […]

Teen Titans pocket checklist

May 15, 2013


Time for another one of these. Download, print and enjoy. TTpocketchecklist Check in tomorrow for, perhaps, the first of a series of Teen Titans’ Token Totin’ posts. (It all depends on whether I pull any Super Strong pieces!)

New set, new pocket checklist!

February 8, 2013


And it’s Amazing. Click on the link to download the PDF! ASMpocketchecklist

BATMAN pocket checklist

November 14, 2012


There’s a new set out today and it’s Batman. Download and print the pocket checklist here. BATMANpocketchecklist

F.U.N. Friday: 10th Anniversary Checklists

September 14, 2012


If I hadn’t been so preoccupied with watching my Justice League Unlimited Season One box set, I might’ve remembered to post these new checklists on Wednesday when the set(s) went on sale. But better late than never! 10thpocketchecklists (Note: I’ve got Spider-Man 017 listed as an Uncommon.)

CHAOS WAR releases…and here’s your pocket checklist!

July 11, 2012


CWPocketChecklist As ever, Heroclixin’ supplies the pocket-sized checklist for the new set.

DARK KNIGHT RISES Pocket checklist

June 15, 2012


Finally got this compiled and ready for everyone’s use, I think. DKpocketchecklist

Updated Glossary.

May 30, 2012


With some embarrassment, I recently noted that nearly a year has passed since a reader posted a comment requesting some terms be added to Heroclixin’s glossary. A. Year. So yeah, sorry man. Better late than never, but really it shouldn’t get to that point. Check it out for previously missing terms like “meta” and killbox” […]