Top Ten of 2011: #5

Posted on January 23, 2012


OK, time for the Top 5 clix of the year!


General RAAM (Gears of War #009)

Starting off the top 5 is this ugly guy from Gears of War. His starting 6 Speed and 16 DV would seem reasons enough to keep him out of the top 25, much less among the very best. But as we’re seeing, 2011 was all about the Special Powers and Traits; RAAM is loaded with them.

  • Grenades. He throws both the standard and favored Frag variety (3 damage, plus 2 splash) or Ink (1 penetrating) and adds +3 to the pool (giving himself 3 shots with the power even when run without other GoW or Halo pieces with Grenade pools);
  • which he can throw for free after a move action, thanks to the Speed SP “Grenade Scatter.” Suddenly that 6 speed don’t look so bad, especially with…
  • Starting AVs of 11, 12, 11 and 11, respectively. His 8-click dial never drops below 9 AV.
  • But he doesn’t even have to move to take it to the enemy. If he’s got no action tokens, he can use free Smoke Cloud (at his regular 8 range, natch), then roll a 5-6 and deal 1 damage to folks in that cloud.
  • His starting Invulnerability ramps up to Impervious on clicks 2 &3 along with a rise in DV. He’s never without at least Toughness.
  • Mid-dial Outwit and late Blades/Claws/Fangs round out the General’s skills.
  • Auto-knockback and Phasing/Teleport offered by his Locust Horde TA has its uses.
  • As does the Indomitable ability.

151 points gets you all this in a piece all set to team up with fellow Locust Horde, Soldier or Warrior keywords. In spite of his poor Speed, he definitely earns his ranking at #5.

The next one is not so ugly, but not so pretty, either. More to the point, he has a rep for leaving his enemies particularly ugly…

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