Figure reviews archive

This page serves as an archive and mirror of some of my favorite figure reviews that I’ve done over the years for fun (if not for profit 🙂 ). I’ll also do minor updates to some of those old reviews based on rule changes, mistakes in the original reviews, and new feats that might change their playability. Keep an eye out for it!

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  1. Dear Rurouni:

    I have a question that I think you can answer re: Nightshade’s special power. Can she or can she not add an “Armor Piercing” feat to her smoke cloud? The judge today was not sure but allowed it because Arkade’s murderbots can be played with “Armor Piercing” and he felt this was a similar situation. However, someone argued against, insisting that Nightshade was not inflicting the damage but rather the smoke cloud was dealing damage. Because it was the cloud and not the character dealing damage, he suggested “Armor Piercing” could not be played. He insisted that the feat card mandated the “character” deal the damage and not her smoke.

    What do you say?



    • She absolutely CAN use Armor Piercing with her Smoke Cloud (as can Toro with HIS version, and, as you point out, Arcade with his objects-based SP). It’s still her power dealing the damage. I believe this did get covered in the last version of the Player’s Guide.


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