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Token-Totin’ Tuesday: ARES

March 29, 2011


All three versions of Ares have Super Strength. All three can hold their object tokens, too. The newest:   Marvel’s Ares, from the AVENGERS set, also holds up:   And, of course, the original Legacy Unique: Sorry for the late, late update. I’d hoped to have a new battle report tomorrow, but will be too […]

New Comic Day Battles: PHOENIX RISING

March 23, 2011


I pulled this 297-point one-woman army in a sealed tournament this weekend. So I just had to play her. Phoenix (Giant-Size X-Men) 297 = 297 points. My strategy: to simply Hypersonic hit-and-run until nothing’s left. Simple but hard to do when the opponent has at least 3 actions to my 1. FIRST ROUND I faced […]

More Giant-Size Token Totin’!

March 22, 2011


I continue my photographic journal of the Super-Strong characters that can hold their object tokens, this time with characters I (mostly) don’t own yet: First, Ch’od, the most recently clix’d of the Starjammers: Next is one of those D-list characters that pretty much only get made in HeroClix, Gatecrasher:   Armor, who’s almost undoubtedly going to […]

GIANT-SIZE Token-Totin’!

March 18, 2011


I build this blog on a Mac and Safari. I’m just now noticing that this: …does NOT show up on Internet Explorer. Huh. Need to fix that next week! Anyway, on to this special, brand-new-set-released edition of the usually-semiweekly Token Totin’ feature: a photojournal of how Super Strength characters can hold their object tokens. Instead […]

Giant-Size X-Men pocket checklist

March 16, 2011


Set’s out, and there have been no surprise reports of chase figures, so I’m releasing the final version. Download, print and enjoy! Giant-Size X-Men pocket checklist

Giant-Size X-Men checklist beta

March 15, 2011


Sorry for no Custom Mod yesterday, but my attention has been wrapped up in the new Heroclix set due out this week: GIANT-SIZE X-MEN. Every full set, I build a pocket checklist. But this go-’round, information has been slower in coming. Since I know some out there are attending midnight releases, I am in turn […]

Token Totin’ Thursday: DONNA TROY

March 10, 2011


Latest object-holding figure: Donna Troy can do it in Anniversary, wedged between her pit and stat slot. Or she can do it as Wonder Girl in Crisis, held by her Rookie’s ponytail… …or by the Vet’s fat yarn lasso. 🙂 And even though I don’t have her anymore, a little Photoshop shows how even the […]

New Comic Day Battles: Hulks vs. Iron Men

March 9, 2011


A buddy of mine and I periodically have what we call “grudge matches.” These are pre-determined battles (usually high-point) between one of his favorite theme-y builds and one of mine. For example, the first one we tried was this: Asgard vs. Asgard’s Enemies. This time, it was Hulk vs. Iron Man! His team: Green Scar […]

Token Totin’ Tuesday: AMAZO (Justice League)

March 7, 2011


Continuing the series that SHOWS how Super Strength figs hold object tokens on the sculpt: He actually doesn’t hold it as neatly as he appears to. The token’s just leaning on the flight stand and between the (spread apart) legs. Still…he holds it, barely. Note: Amazo from Cosmic Justice holds his the same way, only […]

My Custom Mods [mod 37]: Veteran ATOM (Origin)

March 7, 2011


Veteran ATOM (Origin) Nice to finally get an Atom figure, as opposed to the “puck” version from Cosmic Justice. But it’s of the wrong guy! Ryan was a graduate student under Professor Ray Palmer, the REAL Atom: I wanted a classic Atom. So here’s what I did: Filed down details, especially on his back. Repainted […]