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Building for the Event Dial: Captain Universe

October 17, 2009


M+M E004 CAPTAIN UNIVERSE Fast-moving, this E-dial is one of the simplest ones. TURN THE DIAL: At the end of any turn in which any character was knocked out, and at the end of each round. TOUCHED BY THE ENIGMA FORCE (cyan, slots 2-4, 6): Once during your turn when you make an attack roll, […]

My Favorite Teams: Villains United!

October 6, 2009


Way back in December, I set about reacquiring a Dr. Psycho from 2005’s Collateral Damage set so I could play this team: The Society From left: Talia, Black Adam, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Dr. Psycho, Calculator. Essentially the anti-Justice League, but worse than that, since each of these characters have been able to singlehandedly challenge entire […]

Building for the Event Dial [pt. 4]: Unlimited Class Wrestling

October 5, 2009


E003 UNLIMITED CLASS WRESTLING Another nonstop dial, UCW, more than most, radically alters the usual HeroClix game with numerous extraordinary conditions. WHAT TO BRING: a few extra Special tokens. THE SETUP: Before objects are placed on the map, place four SPECIAL markers on the map so that they mark the outside corners of a 6-square […]

Building for the Event Dial [pt. 3]: Evolutionary War

October 1, 2009


E002 EVOLUTIONARY WAR This dial is nonstop; that is, it doesn’t have a red line to signify ¬†an endpoint. So it can continue until the last KO or time is called. WHAT TO BRING: A current Powers and Abilities Chart (PAC) is mandatory for the GENESIS CHAMBER effect later in the dial. TURN THE DIAL: […]