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My Custom Mods [mod 33]: BLACK WIDOW custom

January 31, 2011


Been quite a while, eh? Other features took over the site for a while, but now My Custom Mods is back! And it just so happens that this is one of my most ambitious mods of the series yet: BLACK WIDOW custom Normally, this is where I put a pic of the original figure — […]

Top 10 WORST HeroClix of 2010

January 27, 2011


I’ve never done one of these lists before for this site (or on my previous one, I tend to be a glass-half-full type who can find a solid use out of any piece. But…y’know. Sometimes a piece is just bad. It might do something neat, but requires so much extra support or such situational […]

Top Ten FAVORITE ‘Clix of 2010: #2 and #1!

January 26, 2011


#2 is a dynamic duo…(but not a Duo figure…) Batman (DC 75th Anniversary #031) Robin (The Brave and The Bold #042) WHY I WANT TO PLAY THEM EVERY WEEK: When “Batwing’s” dial was revealed, I immediately fell in love with it. Unlike pretty much every other Batman or Robin or Nightwing before him, this Batman […]

Top Ten FAVORITE ‘Clix of 2010: #4 and #3

January 25, 2011


#4 is that fishbowl-headed master of illusion: Mysterio (Web of Spider-Man #056) WHY I WANT TO PLAY HIM EVERY WEEK: Because the sculpt: …reminds me so much of this cover: …the second comic book I ever bought. I LOVE getting into character, taunting opponents about attacking “mere illusions” when I force misses with PC or […]

Top Ten FAVORITE ‘Clix of 2010: #6 and #5

January 24, 2011


Continuing the countdown of my Ten FAVORITE pieces released in 2010: _________________________________________________ #6 are those eternal super-buddies… Blue Beetle and Booster Gold (The Brave and The Bold #052) WHY I WANT TO PLAY THEM EVERY WEEK: It’s Blue and Gold! The funnest duo in comics, bar none, hearkening to a more innocent time in comics, […]

Top Ten FAVORITE ‘Clix of 2010: #8 and #7

January 21, 2011


#8 Animal Man (DC 75th Anniversary #036) WHY I WANT TO PLAY HIM EVERY WEEK: His excellent trait makes Animal-themed teams a bit more potent…and I like Animal teams. He’s been quite a surprise in how fun he is to run! I DON’T PLAY HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: I’m not so great a fan of […]

Top Ten FAVORITE ‘Clix of 2010: #10 and #9

January 20, 2011


I already listed the top 10 (and a couple dozen runners-up) of 2010, but have yet to share MY favorites of the year. (Warning you now…there’s almost NO crossover.) ____________________________________________ #10 The Spot (Web of Spider-Man #051) WHY I WANT TO PLAY HIM EVERY WEEK: I have a soft spot in my heart for the […]

Top Ten FAVORITE ‘Clix of 2010!

January 19, 2011


Although I like writing about the usual Top 10, the truth is that I’ll hardly ever play any of ’em on a given weekend. I’ll generally play them on their respective themes or not at all. Therefore, my own Top Ten list is very different from the “official” Heroclixin’ one. Instead of listing, as I […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2010: honorable mentions (part 2)

January 18, 2011


There were just too many for one post. (I don’t want to bore readers with another Atlantis-sized leviathan!) So here are the rest of 2010’s Honorable Mentions. (In alphabetical order:) ____________________________________________ Hawkgirl (Brightest Day #004) She might be a little weak defensively, but really, it’s just a testament to the strength of the Top Ten […]

Top Ten HeroClix of 2010: honorable mentions

January 17, 2011


Every year I’ve done these top ten lists, there are nearly a dozen pieces that almost made the list. In fact, some wound up being practically interchangeable with my choices on the bottom half of the list. But not this year. No, 2010 was so competitive that there were over TWO dozen almost-rans. So without […]