Guest review: Best of the Armor keyword

Posted on April 4, 2011


Hello, Heroclixin’ readers!

I’m sort of bailing on the Top Ten week of articles for March. I have one all ready to go, but really wanted to save it as an evergreen. Conversely, I felt it was way too soon to do a Top Ten of Giant-Size X-Men. Look for that one after Easter.

Fortunately, I have some friends. 🙂 Say hi to Morrison, a skilled young player who, inspired by myself and other Heroclix writer/reviewer, decided to pen an exhaustive review of  the Armor keyword. he wasn’t able to post it on HCRealms like he hoped, so he offered it to me. I gladly accepted. I love to see the young do ambitious things.

Let’s suit up!

Morrison’s Best of Armor Review

Hello HCRealms, this is ThatGuyoverthere. I was inspired by Saturnflight’s series of best of articles, so I thought I would try to do something similar. Between the units section and my personal memories (I got into heroclix around the tail-end of the Avengers expansion). I hope you enjoy my review of a generic keyword.

Support/Lowpoint filler


Class: Peon

For 30 pts you get a highly mobile (dolphin speed and leap/climb) figure who gets free movement. Also you get 6 range, a 9 attack, 5 clicks, and two clicks of 18 defense at range. At a trim 29 pts, Stingray brings a lot to the table and is a great for Avengers and Scientist theme teams.


E & V Beetle

Class: support, tertiary attacker

Beetle is going to be a tough sell, but he does have some benefits. Both pieces are decently mobile with 9 speed running shot. Both have decently useful team abilities for either other characters (the Vet’s Sinister Syndicate) or to push repeatedly (via the Exp’s Masters of Evil) to his primary use: Probability Control. Few Armor characters have probcontrol, and this is certainly the cheapest you’re going to get (the only other figures with Armor and prob are various 150+pts Dr. Dooms and Monarch).

In short, for 60-80 pts, you get a figure that could be used as a first strike then to be relegated to mastermind fodder to get to your prob.



Class – Mobile blocking terrain/peon

At around 30 pts, 5 clicks, 4 with Toughness, is a pretty deep dial. With 6 range, flight, and decent movement, you can be pretty annoying with this figure by blocking line of fire. Once again, very good mastermind fodder. With S.H.I.E.L.D. TA, keep him near your main attacker to pump range or damage as needed.


Doombot 3095

Doombot 5953

Sooo generic I almost didn’t add a pic.

Class – Peon and Useful Peon respectively

At 30 pts, wildcard + Willpower = tie-up piece. He is also decent as Mastermind fodder and can shoot if necessary.

At 40 pts however, you get a very good support piece. He has 8 range and Energy Explosion, which can annoy opponents unfamiliar with this unassuming package. Toughness extends the dial some. But the coup de grace is his Enhancement, which makes him a suberp support piece for bigger hitters. If you land on his last click, you should use this bot either as blocking terrain or MM fodder; he can’t really be good for anything else then. Minions of Doom helps your larger investments become more cost effective.


R Mandroid Armor

Class – support

And finally: Mandroid Armor. While certainly a sufferer of early dial syndrome, he offers two things: S.H.I.E.L.D. TA, which is always useful, and INCREDIBLY cheap TK. With the full REV+LE having only 1 click of TK each, stick with this guy: cheap is what you want here.


Tomorrow, we’ll see what Morrison has to say about Secondary Attackers in the Armor wars. Check him out!