Best of Armor guest review: Secondary pieces

Posted on April 5, 2011


Yesterday, we saw Morrison’s analysis of the cheapest Armor figs, important for filling out build points for this keyword full of pricey pieces. Now he moves on to the next set of suits.

Secondary Attackers


Class – Close Combat

In reality, there are better expenditures of 62 pts, but he does one thing very well: Quake. This makes Scorpion invaluable as a support for your larger, ranged-based (non-Sharpshooter) figures; if your main attacker gets based by some weaker tie-up pieces you can keep this guy near so he can either make one strike to get rid of the offender, or move away a large # of opposing figures from adjacency.

Sinister Syndicate TA can come in handy with wild cards. He’s a little soft to use full-out, but Lunge makes him a bit more maneuverable, and Nanobots gives him a little extra life.




LE Abner Jenkins

Class– Ranged harassment/secondary attack

While not great by today’s standards, each of these three has its merits.

Mach-3 is decently cheap on his own and really demands one of 2 options: either give him the Recharge and Not So Special feats or, for the same 8-point cost, give him the Thunderbolts ATA. Mach-4 brings better speed, better starting attack, and dual target EE and Incapacitate. Consider playing him with Nanobots and Not So Special; he needs both to be more playable. Finally, ole honest Abe provides a slightly different tool set, namely Leadership for your peons, dual target Incap and Force Blast to deal with pesky interlopers. However, he needs more feats to perform his best: NSS, Nanobots, and the missing ingredient: Stunning Blow, which gives him a lot of additional use of that dual target Incap.


NGN Spider-Man

Class – Secondary Attacker/support

While a little bit over-priced for what he does, Armored Spiderman (Sinister #217) brings a lot to the table. Outwit is always useful. He can also pull a handy combo to bypass his low damage: begin a Running Shot, pick up a heavy object, and chuck that sucker. People always forget that you can do this, so it catches them by surprise. His wild card ability can be quite advantageous, especially when Petey is on the same team as…


AA Batman

Class– Secondary Attacker/Taxi

Besides having one of the most epic sculpts in the game (IMHO), Terry is hardly a slouch. Batman Ally is one of the most useful team abilities. Between his (10 base move) Charge, Super Strength, and In Contact With Bruce Wayne SP, he could conceivably, if not frequently, attack against no defensive power, for 4 damage, with a 10 attack, from just as far as his range could ping from. His excellent move and flight ability helps get him and his friends positioned how you want. Truly a great addition to any Armor, Future, Gotham, or Teen team.


Batman (“AzBats”)

Class– Primary/Secondary Attacker

For 90 points, perma-Stealth demands your opponents base this guy, which means that on every click Az-Bats can break Impervious on every click, or you can use Perplex to help your teammates. Besides, his Gotham City teammates are typically a hearty bunch.


That’s it for Morrison’s pick of secondary (but not necessarily second-rate) Armor figs. Tomorrow he weighs in on heavier metal. Tune in!