Token Totin’ Thursday: AVENGERS mini-edition

Posted on May 3, 2012


Welcome again to the photographic record of how all the sculpts of characters with the Super Strength power can hold object tokens.

I was hoping to post a big update full of photos of all the new Galactic Guardians with objects in hand (or otherwise) but I’ve run into more freelance deadlines and just plain old life. In fact, I’m squeezing just to get this one on.

Still, I’m pleased to present, on the eve of the Avengers movie release date, the Avengers Movie clix that can tote their tokens:

Hulk (014 and 202), Thor (201) and Captain America (204)

Hulk pretty easily holds the token in his arms, ready to SMASH! anyone within his two-square Giant Reach. Thor’s token fits almost as easily under his cape. Cap, though, BARELY grasps his (light) object: you’ve got to wedge it in under his shield and over his arm ā€” as much as can be done ā€” and next to his chin.


Haven’t gotten ahold of the other Super Strong characters in the game to photograph yet: Thor (020, 200), Volstagg and Frost Giant Champion. Maybe by next Thursday. Next Token Totin’ edition, though, will be Tuesday and it will be GALACTIC!!! In the meantime, enjoy watching The Avengers this weekend (or suffer through it, if it turns out to be a “Phantom Menace”-sized disappointment)!

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