New Comic Day Battles: Diana’s Wardrobe (part 1)

Posted on May 18, 2011


A few weeks ago, WizKids unveiled a pair of convention exclusive figures to be made available at GenCon, the collectible gaming industry’s biggest summer convention. One was a new version of Wonder Woman, in her current (and kinda cruddy) new costume:

But darn if the actual miniature doesn’t look great:

…and it’s got a dial worthy of the character to boot. This is my #1 wanted HeroClix figure this year…maybe EVER. (It’s strange, because I’m not especially a WW fan.)

Anyhow, it got me thinking about Wonder Woman, the many variations her uniform’s gone through across the decades and how many have appeared in HeroClix, and, most importantly, how awesome it’d be to play ALL of them at once:

Diana Prince (The Brave and the Bold) 32
LE Diana Prince (The Brave and the Bold) 43
Wonder Woman (Origin) 51
SR Wonder Woman (DC 75th Anniversary #051) 100
Wonder Woman (Legacy) 106
Wonder Woman (DC 75th Anniversary #W-8) 172
Wonder Woman (Unleashed) 198
Wonder Woman (Blackest Night) 215
Wonder Woman (Arkham Asylum) 248
+ Yellow Lantern 5
+ Kinetic Accelerator
+ Amazon ATA 28
= 1198 points.

Each WW is wearing a different outfit she’s worn*. Hence, no Icons, Cosmic Justice or DC 75th Anniversary uncommon since the classic armored swimsuit’s well-represented in the Arkham Asylum version (whom I call “Brickhouse” WW).

I brought this team to a 1200-point no-feat Golden Age game in which only outdoor maps could be chosen. I knew I’d potentially have colossal problems with enemy range using this largely close-combat oriented team, but I figured to overcome that problem with White Lantern WW’s Telekinesis, the Accelerator, and WW-on-a-horse’s ability to use HSS until I could get the Amazons into close quarters.

I didn’t realize this event was intended to encourage actual colossals. But I suppose I should have guessed.

Did the team overperform against incredible odds? Or did it meet the fate of NBC’s would-be Wonder Woman TV series and just fail? Find out in this space…next week!

* OK, so technically, the Legacy outfit was her mother’s. But you know they shared clothes all the time. 🙂