Pocket Checklists

Miss the pocket-sized checklists that used to be packaged in each booster of HeroClix? Yeah, so do I, so I did something about it. Download and print for yourself and your fellow players.  (UPDATED 11/20/13.)

Unfortunately, last summer I had a hard drive crash that took out all my old checklists for smaller sets — and the software I used to create them. So it’s been slow going to rebuild it all.

But I haven’t been idle. Here are new lists for most of 2013’s  releases except Amazing Spider-Man, which was lost.

FALLpocketchecklists: Includes Fellowship of the Ring [corrected], The Two Towers, Desolation of Smaug, Hobbit board game, Thor the Dark World, Batman TV, Arkham Origins, Lone Ranger, DOTA2.


summerpocketchecklist: Includes KA2, Pacific Rim, Fellowship of the Ring [with stray incorrect listing, but still usable], BioShock Infinite, Wolverine and the X-Men

Teen Titans





Galactic Guardians set

2011’s Fast Forces sets



 Halo checklist

SUPERMAN set checklist

 GFChecklists PDF NEW!

CAP Checklist pocket checklist PDF

Giant-Size X-Men pocket checklist PDF

DC 75th Anniversary pocket checklist PDF

Web of Spider-Manpocket checklist PDF

The Brave and the Boldpocket checklist PDF

Hammer of Thorpocket checklist PDF

Arkham Asylumpocket checklist PDF

Secret Invasionpocket checklist PDF

AlphaChecklist pocket checklist PDF

Pocket checklists coming for Infinity Challenge through Icons!

3 Responses “Pocket Checklists” →
  1. Nice set of lists, much appreciated!

  2. These are awesome, are you making them for the sets after Batman?

    • Yes and no. I had a catastrophic hard drive failure this past summer that killed all my checklists and the software I used to build them. Now I’m hoping for a windfall to fund a new computer and programs. Occasionally I get some studio time for freelance projects and can make new personal lists. But it’ll be some time before they’re ready for the site.

      Thanks for reading, and sorry I don’t have better news!


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