Heroclixin’ is going to Dragon*Con

Posted on August 25, 2014



For as long as this blog has been active (FIVE YEARS?!?), yours truly has, at minimum, put in an appearance each Labor Day weekend at one of the largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the U.S., the massive nerd prom known as Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Ga.

This year is the third that I’ll be acting as one of the judges for HeroClix gaming. Come and say hi! For those who don’t know, this is what I look like:


…but it’s entirely possible that I will be in costume and somewhat less recognizable. It’s part of the reason why updates this summer have been more sporadic than they’ve been in a few years — I’ve been working on two different outfits and one is FAR more ambitious than any I’ve ever attempted before.

There’s also something else in the works:

Coming Soon…Heroclixin’ 2.0!!!1!!1

Although…don’t you kinda hate when anything puts the “2.0″ rider on to indicate it’s new and improved?

We sure do, especially HeroClix players who remember the game’s immediate ancestor, Mage Knight, which put out a 2.0 version that immediately rendered the entire “1.0″ game unplayable.

Hence Heroclixin’s rather ironic use of “2.0″ in the title.

What’s actually changing: 


  1. It’s heroclixin.wordpress.com with a new “www.heroclixin.com” domain
  2. It’s getting a new look.
  3. It’s getting back to a more regular schedule.

    We’ve got some other ideas in the works, too, but the core raison d’être is still the focus: Heroclixin’ is all about F.U.N.!