FUN Focus: Guardians of the Galaxy [part 2: NECA era]

Posted on August 18, 2014


Wow, a little time has passed since the last update that was SUPPOSED to come early last week, not early THIS week. We promise there’s a reason for it (more than standard laziness, anyhow) that’ll be apparent in the near future. Anyway, we continue the FUN Focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy, this time looking at the early NECA-era pieces. (NOTE: much of this text is edited from the original reviews from 2009 and 2010.)


Still ticked that he's *tik* not on the "A-list."

Bug [Hammer of Thor] 44
His mobility (Leap/Climb to get in any position), defense (Super Senses with a 17 DV to loan to other members with the Defenders symbol), damage ability (Exploit Weakness makes him impossible to safely ignore) and surprise 4 range makes him worth every point. He’s filler, but he’s gooood filler. Like the cream in a Twinkie. Feat him with Lunge, if anything. Fine for any size GotG build but thematically only fits the DnA team. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Could make the “A” team, finally.
Rocket Raccoon [Hammer of Thor] 65
Leap/Climb-ing Probability Control and 17 DV with Super Senses make this critter indispensable for the theme. In between forcing rerolls and loaning his defense to fellow Defenders, his 8 range keeps him in the fight. Getting hit only turns him into an Running Shooting Outwitter. Excellent combination of secondary fighter and support piece. The only reason to leave him off the team is if you’re running a 1990s or earlier build or if you’d rather run a different RR. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: He’s still the cheapest Rocket on the market

...but he's Number ONE with the BULLETS.

Star-Lord [Hammer of Thor] 90
He needs defense help from his teammmates, he’s very soft and he’s very short-dialed for his near-100-point cost. Compounding the problem is that Star-Lord’s Running Shot makes him a key attacker ahead of more stationary shooters or melee-oriented teammates.
His SP “Galactic Marksman” is just about good enough to counterbalance ALL that.
It gives him the choice to boost his AV +2 against a single target or his damage +2 against two. And suddenly this fragile, 9 AV piece is blasting for 4 clicks all over the place again and again (because he’s quite pushable). Basing him doesn’t help; he’s a Sharpshooter with Combat Reflexes. Hitting him may only knock him into Stealth and Ranged Combat Expert for continued damage and/or AV boosts. Feat him with Contingency Plan and field him in any size build over 100 unless you decide to go with a different version of the character. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: His time may be gone, though, with so many other versions of the character to use

Now I'm a believer!!!!

Phyla-Vell [Hammer of Thor] 138

Top-loaded Perplex wouldn’t seem the best use of her high points, but that’s what Phyla’s good for. It’s not as pathetic as it sounds. For example, since she’s one of the team’s taxis, it’s good that she can boost the defense of her fare or herself during that round she’s not attacking…and being able to make herself a nigh-unhittable 20 DV at range (in hindering terrain) isn’t a bad way to pass the time. Moreover, she can still make herself useful when she’s got two tokens after using Power Cosmic to push for free (being one of the cheaper figs with the TA to date, and the ONLY one under 150 with 8 fighting clicks of life) and shoot someone for 3 or 4 (again thanks to Perplex) with her high 11 AV.
‘Course, all that paints a day-glo bull’s eye right on her chest (um…literally), so she needs Protected in case her high DV and Super Senses both fail and she would take 5 or more damage. But if she’s NOT taking 5 damage, just take the hit and and get Hypersonic Speed and thank your opponent with beatdowns two of every three turns. She fits thematically on the DnA series team. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Save her for those huge battles where she’s not taking as much fire and won’t be a tentpole. ‘Cuz she’s just not one

It wedges under his mask!

Jack Flag [Captain America 011] 64
He fits a heretofore empty role on the Guardians roster: The inexpensive melee fighter. With Charge, Super Strength (as noted in the repurposed Token Totin’ image above), Toughness and Indomitable, Jack is the perfect backup for a team full of mid-to long-range shooters and a few tie-up figures. He’s been supplanted a bit with some welcome additions in the close-fighting corps, but he’s still equally welcome on a DnA-based build of any size. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: He may hate cosmic stuff but he can handle some of it

He is Groot.

Groot [Web of Spider-Man] 152
The first version of the big guy did so much for the team.
  1. He’s got great defense. He can chain his 18 DV with weaker members possessing the Defenders ATA. Being the first able to do so is key.
  2. He’s another taxi. Being a giant affords that. But…
  3. He’s terribly slow. Without TK (he’s a giant) or the speed boost of, say, the Kinetic Accelerator special object, it takes him a looooong time to get in the fight.
  4. He’s tough to put down. Protected by Shape Change and Invulnerability and a self-healing SP when in hindering or water, Groot can stick around. And with him loaning that DV, he’s liable to draw fire away from lesser members of the team.
He is Groot. And he should be on your Defenders TA-heavy DnA or Bendis teams. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: The first Groot may still be the best

OK. Next up is the look at Galactic Guardians. We PROMISE it’ll be out this week.