F.U.N. Focus: Guardians of the Galaxy [part 1: pre-NECA]

Posted on August 8, 2014


 OK, finally time to start this, because Heroclixin’ has seen the film. Liked it, didn’t quite love it. But almost. Recommended.
Which clix are recommended, though? Read on.
Yellowjacket [Clobberin’ Time 027] 37
A Guardian by keyword alone, she appeared in the 1990s series as a refugee from the 20th Century. And this Vet, coming from an early set, is predictably terrible. With Incap as her only power and AV of just 8 and lower, the only thing she’s good for is being the dirt-cheapest member of the team and a mediocre taxi. Use her as sacrificial tie-up/meat shield/point filler if at all. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Don’t quite hate her — barely
Rita DeMara [Clobberin’ Time 109] 43
The LE of the above Yellowjacket, she packs on 6 extra points to gain the Spider-Man Ally TA. This, at least, allows her to copy the Defenders TA that many Guardians sport to make her a more efficient sacrifice. But near her price point, there are better pieces to play. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: No.
R Vance Astro  (Supernova 058) 49: 
This Rookie is  junk with terrible stats despite the solid 8 range and Incapacitate. Only play him if you’re aiming for a comic-accurate 1969 series original lineup, and then only if you’ve got to squeeze down to this version for points’ sake. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Junk otherwise

Still a lot sturdier than she looks!

R Aleta (Supernova 043) 51:
 Unless you’re trying to field a comic- or movie-accurate team for the more recent series, you should put her in every GotG keyword team you can. Telekinesis doubles the team’s effectiveness. Barrier, too, helps, and she’s got multiple clicks of both. In fact, she was nearly the best Barrier specialist of all in Heroclixin’s Top Ten a few years back. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Love her.
E Vance Astro  (Supernova 059) 70: 

The Experienced Vance adds considerable cost over the Rookie but gains two starting clicks of Invulnerability and 3 damage to make him the most durable and damaging of the three versions, actually. But the lack of the shield just makes him less fun, in my opinion. 🙂 Stunning Blow is an OK feat to use, though I hate to add points to him. Save him for old-school GotG builds. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Do we even still own this piece?
Vance Astrovik (Supernova 208) 72
The LE of Vance Astro, he trades off the opening Invulnerability of the Exp. for  Toughness, Force Blast and Leadership. He’s really not very good down the dial but he does get a second shot at living with a pair of Regen clicks. Again, he’s only for comic-accurate teams from the 1969 or 1990 series. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Not a fan
Aleta  (Supernova 044) 75
Here’s what Heroclixin’ wrote about her as a Barrier specialist: “Very much on the high end for a Barrier specialist, and her attack values are middling for her cost and role as a sniper. But 10 range is great for the power. Better still is that, with Running Shot and Telekinesis appearing after Barrier’s gone, she has great utility in the mid- to late-game action. Her Defenders TA could be useful. Adding the Guardians of the Galaxy ATA protects her from Outwit.” And it’s all still true. It’s hard to recommend her over the Rookie, though. Use her best on 1990s team builds. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Don’t love her

Major Victory [Supernova 060] 84

10 range and 3 damage and Impervious on his first click is about the only thing worthy on this piece. Well, there’s some Leadership, too, but he’s maybe the third piece you’d reach for on this team for that power. Thus, he’s utterly unpushable. But if he does lose that bit of life, at least he’s got Energy Shield/Deflection to help. Another good thing about him? He has a 17 DV to loan via the Defenders TA. He’s best saved for keyword-specific builds of any size, though he thematically best fits the second and third series. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: It’s all about the shield for F.U.N.’s sake
One-Who-Knows  (Supernova) 123
The LE of the Aleta/Starhawk REV, this piece is on your team for his 10 range Probability Control, double-target Energy Explosion and 17 DV (for fellow Defenders). There’s also a smattering of other useful powers down the dial — Running Shot, Hypersonic Speed, Outwit, Ranged Combat Expert — but he’s pretty soft-shelled. The time-traveling character is at home on any incarnation of the team but is naturally a better fit on high build totals where he’s not the focal point. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: We knows we like

V Starhawk (Supernova) 144: Though he boasts an extreme 12 range and Running Shot to start, his opening AV is markedly inferior for the cost.  But he gains Hypersonic Speed mid-dial, and his attack numbers ramp up nicely. He’s probably a stronger piece feated with either Elite Sniper or Trick Shot, but those feats each bump his price well over 150 points and he might not be worth it. Save him for 400 and up. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Top cost, second rate

Ooooo!! Iz COMIK ACCURITE!!!!!

 Yondu (Avengers 048) 53:

He’s cheap Running Shot + 3 damage and Energy Explosion. Though he fits with either old- or new-school GotG, he’s still one of the last I tend to pick, frankly. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: For archery themes only


Next time (early next week), we peek at the next batch of Guardians put out in Heroclix.