F.U.N. Focus: ATLANTIS again [part 3: 76-100 points]

Posted on July 11, 2014


This new F.U.N. Focus (previous parts here) is a needed update to a far-too-long article reviewing all characters with the Atlantis keyword in much better bite-sized installments.

76-100 points: sharks


Namora (Hammer of Thor): At 76 points she’s not only another lite Charging brick from Atlantis, she’s also the first flier and thus a valuable addition who can offer the theme some mobility. She’s been lapped a bit by Transporters just a little more expensive and her armor is soft with only Toughness. But she sports the best average AV so far in the list. Still, forget her unless you’re running Marvel-only. HEROCLIXIN’S VERDICT: 2 of 5 stars
CARDS TO CONSIDER: Atlantis, Submerged



Aquaman (Teen Titan 015): The latest version of Aquaman’s an Invulnerable transporter with an opening SP that grants 7 range and penalty-free AV on Move and Attack ability when starting a turn in water. He’s also somewhat pushable thanks to another SP that heals him if he starts a turn with 2 tokens. Pretty good for 80 points. HEROCLIXIN’S VERDICT: 3.5 of 5
CARDS TO CONSIDER: Atlantis, Justice League (Silver Age), Justice League Dark, Justice League: New 52, Justice League, Automatic Regeneration, Lunge



Aqualad (Teen Titans 075): Another transporter, the latest version of the ‘Lad gets a traited version of Super Senses and +3 Speed, but all only when in water. That means this is 82 points you don’t want to spend unless you’ve made SURE there’s going to be water on the map, despite solid stats and powers down the dial — including a surprise pair of Prob Control clicks near the end. That said, he’s one of the few remaining Modern Age Atlantis pieces after this summer’s wave of retirements. HEROCLIXIN’S VERDICT: 3 of 5
CARDS TO CONSIDER: Atlantis, Lunge, New Teen Titans


I don't yet own a Mera fig, but I got a shot of her at my venue. And, as you see, she can tote her token! (Barely. Squeeze it between her hair and shoulder.)

Mera [DC 75th Anniversary]: Once the first-ever TK fig for Atlantis, this 85-pointer has been supplanted by her far-cheaper self in JL52. But she’s still great for the role, if less easily martyred for the Atlantis cause. Instead, she can be more active by uncharacteristically Phasing about and using Exploit Weakness to do actual fighting. Mind Control and Regen round out the other powers she ought not have but can get some mileage from anyhow. HEROCLIXIN’S VERDICT: 3 of 5
CARDS TO CONSIDER: Atlantis, Submerged, Automatic Regeneration



Attuma (Secret Invasion): Despite his lone bit of extra Leadership and weird, highly situational SP Quake, Attuma is really the most traditional sort of brick, starting with the usual Charge+Super Strength+Invuln. combo and keeping Toughness down the line (with Combat Reflexes in water). I’d only bother running him in larger builds where he can be a 2nd-line attacker rather than a main one — his 4 Charge speed is a little sub-par for his 90-point price compared to the 5- and 6-square Charges that others are capable of for many points less. HEROCLIXIN’S VERDICT: 2 of 5. Save him for a villains-only Atlantis team, maybe.
CARDS TO CONSIDER: Atlantis, Submerged, Armor Piercing



Namor (Galactic Guardians 203) The original prince of Atlantis finally makes an appearance at the top of this cost bracket. At 100 points, his 8 Speed and lack of opening Super Strength is disappointing. At least he flies and and gets a Speed and DV boost when in water. His SP also allows him to drag a hit nonswimmer into the water with him, but that’s really situational. He’s good with wildcards thanks to having the X-Men TA and access to the Defenders ATA. HEROCLIXIN’S VERDICT: 2.5 of 5
CARDS TO CONSIDER: Atlantis, Submerged, Defenders, The Order


Next are the main hitters for this keyword: the killer sharks, the man-eaters, the 101-125 bracket. It ain’t safe to go in the water.