Top Ten retiring figs — 2014 edition [part 2]: Good riddance

Posted on June 6, 2014


Finally, the retirement list is official, with the following sets rotating to Golden Age in July:

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE New 52 and its Fast Forces set
  • CHAOS WAR and its Fast Forces
  • DARK KNIGHT RISES and its starter set
  • WAR OF LIGHT Fast Forces
  • AVENGERS MOVIE and the starter set
  • INCREDIBLE HULK and Fast Forces
  • SUPERMAN and its Fast Forces


Today, Heroclixin’ lists:

  • The 10 (or more) we’re really GLAD to see go


Sharon Carter (Chaos War)

Yes, she was on the “We’ll Miss Her” list. But that’s because she was on a Comic Accurate™ Secret Avengers First Lineup team. We will NOT miss her giving Stealth to non-Avenger “Avengers” like Sentry & Void.


Hulk (Incredible Hulk 001)

“Hulk the WEAKEST one there is!” Honestly, this was one of the biggest Hulk letdowns in a game history FILLED with them. Aside from his decent Alter Ego start click, there was no reason to play this Hulk, ever. And since said alter ego Bruce Banner is completely unplayable himself (one starting Outwit with 4-range Energy Explosion for 55 points? No thanks), there really is no reason to play this Hulk.



Lt. Gordon (Dark Knight Rises)

Oh, the shenanigans made possible with this poorly balanced piece. Here’s what Heroclixin’ wrote about him back in 2012: “To be both character-accurate and game-balanced, [his “Get These Men Into Position!” SP] should’ve been limited to less-expensive Police-keyworded characters.” BATMAN DON’T TAKE ORDERS FROM GORDON.


Enchantress (New 52)

#$%#@% you and and your stupid reversed keywords.


Superman (Superman 001)

The point-and-click piece for the masses, his time has come and now gone for good…BYE


Astral Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians)

These little guys didn’t seem so bad at the time, being essentially conduits for a less-effective version of GSX Professor X. But a lot of shenanigans have entered the game since Galactic Guardians, and the Astrals exploit a lot of it. Time for them to dissipate into the ether.


Scarlet Witch (Chaos War)

Got real weary of seeing this chick on every competitive team for the past two years. Making such an ultimate support piece a non-Unique fig in a Fast Forces wasn’t a super move. HEX HER AWAY NOW


Mole Man (Galactic Guardians)

Friendly Mind Control. Who knew it could get this bad? Another fig that needed to be Unique. It’s pieces like this one that make Heroclixin’ call for a standard counter to free actions — an Incapacitate update. 


Thanos (Galactic Guardians 049)

The ultimate cowardly douchebag piece. “Hey, I get a Turn 2 Alpha Strike AND a killbox in one fell swoop? YES I AM TEH MOST L33T PWNZR IN HEROCLIX”

Go away forever.


And these two weren’t figures, but deserve the dishonor of mention today:

Gamma Bomb (Incredible Hulk)

The turtle/killboxer’s dream object, despite its utility against turtles. “I will sit just outside the blast area and laugh at your attempts to defuse the bomb and shoot at you when you try.”

Infinity Gauntlet

We hated you then, Anti-Love Glove. And even though you’re downright balanced now, we still hate you. If only because of what you spawned.

Actually, no. We hate you on basic principle