Top Ten retiring figs — 2014 edition [part 1]

Posted on June 5, 2014



Finally, the retirement list is official, with the following sets rotating to Golden Age in July:

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE New 52 and its Fast Forces set
  • CHAOS WAR and its Fast Forces
  • DARK KNIGHT RISES and its starter set
  • WAR OF LIGHT Fast Forces
  • AVENGERS MOVIE and the starter set
  • INCREDIBLE HULK and Fast Forces
  • SUPERMAN and its Fast Forces


Heroclixin’ devotes this post to:

  • The 10 figures we’re really sad to see go


AIM Agent/AIM Renegade (Incredible Hulk 003 and 017)

The beekeeper-looking terrorists were great cheap fillers for Scientist teams. I guess they’ve got replacements in, say, the Weapon X Scientist pieces from Deadpool set. But the A.I.M. keyword will miss its rank and file for a while in the Modern Age.


Lex Luthor (SUPERMAN: Battle for Smallville)

A Top Ten favorite from 2011 (sorta in a late kinda way), this 50-pointer was my Lex of choice before the game brought us suitably battle-suited — and far more expensive — versions in DC 10th and SLOSH.


Hulk (Avengers Movie 202)

The first truly great Hulk piece goes the way of the dinosaur. Thankfully, there’s the Worldbreaker to give Hulk fans a Modern option. But we’ll never forget your smashing ways, movie Hulk!


Lobo (Superman)

Sure, there’s Lil’ Lobo in rotation for another year, but that kid’s a pale imitation of the Main Man. We’ll miss this top-rate rendition of the intergalactic bounty hunter — and his little dog, too.


Miranda Tate (Dark Knight Rises)

A Top Ten favorite from 2012, she was only occasionally played but remains a lock on my non-costumed “plainclothes” teams. Really sad that Marion Cotillard is relegated to Golden Age games now, where she’s liable to be crowded off said teams by the mighty Crispus Allen, who’s king of the plainclothes team.


Sharon Carter (Chaos War)

She’s a lock on the Secret Avengers first lineup team and now, like her beau Steve Rogers (Captain America 031), is gone to the retirement home.


Sun Boy (Superman)

As noted in Heroclixin’s F.U.N. Focus on the Legion of Super-Heroes, Dirk here filled a crucial need for the team: that of a mobile, affordable ranged attacker. Even after the huge infusion of goodness for the team in its own set, Sun Boy was STILL the best available. Now, this sun is setting. And we’re sad.


Nova Prime (Galactic Guardians)

This actually goes for all the Nova Corps making its exit…just before it was to get some new blood in the new kid Nova making his debut in Guardians of the Galaxy. They just hatin’ on Richard Rider some more. 🙂


Giant-Man (Chaos War)

One of that year’s Top Ten favorites, this small step for WizKids is a giant loss for Heroclixin’.


Mera (Justice League New 52)

Atlantis’ source of much-needed TK mobility just dried up in Modern Age, right when the team finally looked to become somewhat competitive. They’re so scared of the fish men invading the surface again!


It’s not ALL gloom, though. Be here next time for Heroclixin’s 10 figs and stuff we can’t wait to get the [expletive] out our LIFE