DEADPOOL!!!!!! A checklist!!!

Posted on May 15, 2014


My unplanned-for break continues.

But the good news is that part of it has been spent getting my new computer set up. My awesome little brother hooked me up with his old iMac to replace my ancient PowerMac. And it’s unbelievable how much faster working on this website is now compared to before!

The bad news is trying to find all my old files in the hot mess created during the export of my old partitioned hard drive to the newer one. That’s gonna take some time. (I really, really, REALLY hope that long series I wrote for an early summer release isn’t gone for good…)

But you didn’t visit here to here me whine or crow about stuff. You need a pocket checklist to keep track of all the new Deadpool HeroClix you got in May.

So here ya go.  DeadpoolPocketCHECKLIST