Top Ten Needed Changes in 2014: Intro

Posted on March 31, 2014


A couple years back, Heroclixin’ listed 10 things that needed to change to fix the game.

10. Event Dials
9. Outsiders team ability
8. Injustice League team ability
7. Barrier
6. Mind Control
5. Regeneration
4. Super Strength
3. Outwit
2. Silver Age
1. Incapacitate

A lot of that stuff got addressed. Event Dials morphed into Resources…sort of. Outsiders lost the beginning of turn restriction and kept the long range. Mind Control became compatible with Charge and Running Shot and no longer deals more than a click of “feedback” for hitting high-cost targets. Outwit lost some of its teeth with the range drawdown, and Incapacitate got some teeth against all the Willpower out there.

But there’s some new junk that needs to be repaired. What would go on Heroclixin’s “Watch List?” Check in this week for the Top Ten Needed Changes in HeroClix in 2014.


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