Token Totin’ Thursday: SLOSH edition [part 2]

Posted on March 6, 2014


Welcome to a new installment of this regular Heroclixin’ feature that visually documents how characters with the Super Strength power can physically hold standard object tokens in the game. Last time, we looked at the two common rarity figures in Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes that can do so. On to the uncommons, beginning with Ultra Boy [018 and 204]:

Tokens lamely lean on his upraised fist, with only the stat window keeping the thing from rolling away off the table.

Little better is Blok [020]:

This hold — if you can call it such — was achieved by standing it upright under his armpit, then scooching it over onto his back so that the team symbol is visible like above. And there it will sort of sit without rolling off. Sometimes.

Things get much better with Kalibak [027]:

It fits perfectly between his chest and mace.

But nothing beats Colossal Boy [032]!


Next Tuesday, Heroclixin’ starts in on the rares. Hopefully by a week from now we’ll have all the Super Rare token toters photographed, too. Tomorrow, check out part 2 of the Legion ROC team’s report.