Token Totin’ Tuesday: SLOSH edition [part 1]

Posted on March 4, 2014


Whoa, it’s been a while since the last installment of this regular Heroclixin’ feature that visually documents how characters with the Super Strength power can physically hold standard object tokens in the game. Heroclixin’ does this for a few reasons:

The game’s rules say that picked-up objects should be immediately placed someplace that indicates the object is being held and that the object occupies the square. Some players just leave the object under the figure, but that leads to confusion as to whether it’s being hidden on —especially by Stealth figs — or semi-legally hidden from the opponent, who may forget the character is armed with a object. Others put it on the character card, but that’s even sketchier for the same reason.

These are toys, and boys’ toys always come with weapons.

So the best option is to put it on the sculpt when possible.

OK, enough soapboxing. On with the pix! First up is the common Daxamite [005a] and his more colorful Prime variant, the heroic Mon-El [005b]:

Tokens fit easily under his cape as shown.

The other common rarity figure with Super Strength is Giganta [016]:

She holds tokens with her mighty thighs THAT WOULD CRUSH YOU LIKE BUG LITTLE MAN!

On Thursday, Heroclixin’ starts its look at the Uncommons of the set. Before that, tomorrow another long-gone regular feature returns: F.U.N. Fights, the Wednesday battle report on HeroClix games. Hope you’ll stop back by.