Card Art #41: High Gravity

Posted on March 3, 2014


Wow, it’s been a long time since this series recounting how I added art to DC cards to make ‘em prettier saw an addition. There are two reasons:

The blog got sidetracked from this semi-regular feature by first a hiatus, then other special series including the usual looks back at the past year and the just-completed focus on the Legion.

But the bigger reason is that A) I never did a card art version of the next card in line and B) once I did, I lost the new one in a hard drive crash and C) have only recently reacquired the Photoshop software needed to redo said card art.

So yeah. It’s been a little bit of a journey to present:


It was also really difficult to find art that illustrated the concept. (Actually, I did have the perfect image, but it was already spoken for by another card.) So this Barry Kitson art of a baddie falling [heh] victim to a character’s gravity power in the 2007 Legion of Super-Heroes [there’s that name again 🙂 ] series was the next best thing.

Next week, look for the series back on its sorta regular schedule. 🙂

Tomorrow: The return of Token Totin’!