F.U.N. Focus: the Legion of Super-Heroes [part 10]

Posted on February 21, 2014


It’s a dark time for the Legion in comics. For the first time in its history, there appears to be NO Legion of Super-Heroes anything on the horizon. So imagine Legion fans’ surprise to see a whole set in HeroClix with the Legion brand coming in 2014. How’s it affect the goal of building the all-Legion force? Read on to see how the Legionnaires in the 10-figure CTD help the roster:
Cosmic Boy [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 201] adds another dimension to the bunker technique with his SP granting Toughness to adjacent friends when he’s in hindering terrain. Better still is his other SP bearing Perplex and Leadership that adds a bonus of token removal from any adjacent Legionnaire on a 6 roll. And like many other iterations of Cos, he’s got the Willpower+TK combo. Mid-dial, he’s a Running Shot + Pulse Wave piece, if only for a light 1 damage. Hidden Charm: Maybe you’d rather use his Enhancement, since he’s already surrounded by friends, likely. That he’s all this — and more, as we’ll see — for just 70 points is pretty awesome.

Saturn Girl [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 202] gives the Legion another Prob Control piece at 102 points, which seems a little steep. But it’s not her only role; rather, she’s a 7-range, 11 AV Mind Control and Incap figure that transitions into a Penetrating/Psychic Blaster around midlife. She also gets a defense SP that allows her to choose Combat Reflexes or ESD for a round. Hidden Charm: She alternates to Outwit between PC clicks, so push her if you need to cut off enemy powers. She’s also got an important trait she shares with both the next and preceding figures...

Lightning Lad [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 203] is an Indomitable double-target Energy Explosion and Running Shot that switches to Running Shot Pulse Wave mid-dial and alternates between Ranged Combat Expert and Perplex throughout. Any questions? Hidden Charm: With a trait that he shares with the above two characters, Lightning Lad gets to invite a single 50-point character to gain the Legion of Super-Heroes keyword and Wing symbol to the team. This really opens wide the possibilities for the LSH — especially because if the others with this trait don’t use it, he can invite a 100-point character instead and still maintain a theme team. This is the ultimate game-changer for an all-Legion team, as it drastically reduces the chance that these mostly wild cards will be stuck without a TA to copy. He’s the costliest of the three, though, and with a more generic role.

The only fig in the game with double targets and 0 range, Ultra Boy [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 204] brings a combination of Hypersonic punching and soft Enhancement at first, before pushing to become the Invulnerable Super Strength piece he’s better known as. Then he gets Willpower and SP Penetrating/Psychic Blast at 6 range [so THAT’S what the 2 arrows are for) for most of his late dial. It’s an interesting, wild 100-point clix whose Hidden Charm is that he works well both as a front line fighter and as a bunker supporter based on where he’s landed on his dial.

Triplicate Girl [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 206] gets the “play one, get multiples” treatment seen in various forms across the past few years in ‘Clix. She brings two bystanders with her powers, stats and team ability with her, essentially tripling her presence on the board for 87 points. Her 9 AV is low for the cost, but she brings the swarm action the Legion’s needed. Hidden Charm:She’s got three, actually.

  • The sister pogs don’t possess her powers, so they can serve as an anti-Outwit shield for the main Trip.
  • Losing one gives the remaining two perma-Willpower. Might be worth losing the 0 points for the action advantage.
  • Her Empower SP works fine with the earlier Triplicate Girls from Origin to give them a much harder punch.


Shrinking Violet [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 207] is a surprising butt-kicker for one so small, for a few reasons:

  • Charge. She’s got four squares of reach.
  • Precision Strike. She doesn’t care about her low 1 damage because it’s getting through no matter what.
  • Willpower. 18 DV is solid, too.
  • Close Combat Expert. Combined with the above, she can deliver quite the one-two punch.

She transitions to a tie-up fig with Combat Reflexes+Shape Change and then Super Senses. At 75 points, she’s a little costly to be so short, but her Hidden Charm makes up it: She has the option of picking Tiny Size at the cost of -3 Speed in the beginning of her turn — which is no problem for her because she’s going to be hitching rides with her taller teammates anyhow, now being one of the few Legionnaires that can be carried by normal pals.

Phantom Girl [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 208] is a lot like the original 2007 version, what with her Phasing/Teleport skills and SP to disrupt enemy tactics. This time she’s affecting Robot and Vehicle keywords rather than objects. At 80 points, she’s far too expensive for this silver bullet role, though. Better to focus on her Hidden Charm: She has Empower on her starting and middle clicks, the latter with Defend and Sidestep, too. She can back up some of the more fragile, lower-cost melee allies like Timber Wolf and Karate Kid nicely.

Next: At the time of this writing, the full roster of new Legion figures is unknown, so Heroclixin’ might take a short break from this F.U.N. Focus to await more spoilers. Long Live the Legion.