F.U.N. Focus: the Legion of Super-Heroes [part 6]

Posted on February 17, 2014



The start of the modern card era of figures was ushered in by the Legion, and the team got a true infusion of playability.

Lightning Lad (Legion of Super-Heroes 001)
A far cry from the lameness that was Live Wire, the 70-point LLad’s 10-range Running Shot + double-target Energy Explosion finally gave the LSH its first cost-efficient moving shooter. Hidden Charm: He benefits greatly from the “bunker formation,” covering a wide swath of map with his attacks while enjoying a potential 19-20 DV from range.

Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super-Heroes 003)
Leadership’s extra-actions and TK are important to the all-flier LSH, and with Cos the team got both in one Willpowered 70-point piece. Hidden Charm: What you see is what you get. Be sure to set him up with clear TK lanes AND keep cheapies next to him for best Leadership results.

Timber Wolf (Legion of Super-Heroes 004)
To this point, the LSH had a few high-cost fighters and a few cheap tie-ups but virtually no low- to mid-range brawlers. Enter T-Wolf at 60 points with Charge and 11 AV. His damage is too low for the former power but it might be worth pushing to use Close Combat Expert if he survives in base with his 16 DV+Super Senses. Find a way to bolster either his DV or damage for best results. He’s an easy KO but a scary one who’ll either take heat off the bigger boys or slip under the radar to deal some real hurt. Hidden Charm: Mid-dial, he gets Earthbound AND Battle Fury. Play accordingly.

Saturn Girl (Legion of Super-Heroes 002)
This 60-costing piece bears 8 range with 9 AV and Incapacitate and 16 DV Super Senses; she doesn’t look like much of an improvement over previous Legionnaires. But she is: She pushes to 10 AV, switches to Energy Shield/Deflection (though with a drop to 15 DV) and adds Mind Control to her skill set. It’s really her mid-dial that shows her Hidden Charm: A SP, “Telepathic Coordination,” that allows her to boost the AV or DV of an ally +2 for the turn. So Saturn Girl should either be used as a minor Incapper, then Mind Controller to push until she gets to her late dial to wield the SP and Outwit as well, or she should be dangled out as bait for the enemy. She absolutely REQUIRES the Legion bunker formation to work.

Phantom Girl (Legion of Super-Heroes 005)
Low DV is a systemic problem for the Legion. Phantom Girl goes a ways toward solving it with her natural, if bare, 18 DV. She has Phasing/Teleport for great freedom of movement, and her SP allows her to remove objects from the game, held or not, by moving through the square or ending up next to one. At only 40 points, she’s one of the team’s best tie-up pieces. Hidden Charm: She’s also one of the best taxis for the few carryable Legionnaires. Use the Legion Lost ATA to pick Justice Society to help her chain her 18 DV and really supercharge the bunker formation.

Ultra Boy (Legion of Super-Heroes 006)
At 130 points, U-Boy is by far the costliest of the set. But he’s the best brick of the entire Legion to this point, able to leverage opening Charge, Super Strength and Impervious with 4 damage to lead the attack of the melee figs. Later, he’s a light-damaging Hypersonic hitter and then switches to a block of Flurry and Penetrating/Psychic Blast. He’s got most of the damage potential of the two previous heavy hitters for more than 90 fewer points. Hidden Charm: Click #2 has Flurry+Super Strength+Battle Fury with his peak AV of 11 and still 17 Impervious.

Young Superman (Legion of Super-Heroes 007)
Superboy here is a straightforward Charging brick with high damage and great DV for a good price: 100 points. Hidden Charm: But don’t forget his 8 range, which might be a better option sometimes.

Shrinking Violet (Legion of Super-Heroes 008)
One of the only non-flying Legionnaires, Vi has natural starting Stealth to make her an inexpensive blocker for more important teammates. She predates Tiny Size. She’s also got Super Senses. Hidden Charm: Carry her to extend AV or DV chains via Batman Enemy or JSA TA team abilities.

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