F.U.N. Focus: the Legion of Super-Heroes [part 5]

Posted on February 14, 2014



The final pre-card set, early 2007’s Origin, had a wealth of Legionnaires, including, finally, a few real heavy hitters, making the Legion of Super-Heroes a force to be reckoned with at last.

M’onel (Origin 075)
Long the second-most-expensive of the Legion at 223 points, he suffers from anemic AV that tops out at 10 but slides all the way down to 7. He also has Battle Fury to start which requires him to push if you want to get use out of his 10 range — though the same power gives him immunity to Incapacitate, Mind Control and Shape Change, so it’s not all bad. And Super-Strong Hypersonic Speed with 5 damage is nothing to sniff at. Hidden Charm: His long, 10-click dial makes him a surprisingly effective tie-up fig on those huge builds after his initial strike. Don’t use him as a tentpole but make sure he’s but one of a wave of attackers for best results.

Mon-El [Origin 073] is the Rookie version and this 118-costed fig might be superior to the Vet. He’s got the same 10 AV and 10 Hypersonic Speed, though with lower 16 DV and no Impervious to start. He’s a lot more disposable. And unfortunately, he has to be, because the Legion is almost devoid of healers. Hidden Charm: He’s an open book, really. Stick and move is his game until he gets knocked off that sole HSS slot. He’s the lightweight brick the LSH has needed up to this point.

The Experienced Valor [Origin 074] lacks the Legion of Super-Heroes keyword despite having the team ability. It’s a pity because his Running Shot would’ve helped.

Supergirl (Origin 057)
At 232 still the costliest member of the LSH at this writing, she boasts a long dial and one of the best starting AVs of the team. But her starting with Charge+Impervious and having to push to the superior HSS but downgrading to Invulnerability makes her unable to carry her weight in any build total anymore. She’s been thoroughly upstaged by the new bruisers of the keyword. Hidden Charm: Though she’s entirely too expensive to be solely a shooter, forget about her close combat skills in the early game and leverage her massive 10 range until enemies wander within her melee reach.

Triplicate Girl [Origin 052-054] and Duo Damsel [Origin 204]
She offers the Legion a few needed tools. First, the Rookie at 35 points is an improved Plasticity tie-up figure with a par-for-the-LSH 17 DV. Though her 8 AV isn’t threatening anyone of consequence, her five clicks of life will allow her to absorb a couple of shots — and her late Flurry+Willpower means she might go down fighting. But the fighting is better left to her big sis, the 50-point Exp. who starts with the Flurry to help that 8 AV. Too bad she has to push to Willpower and 10 AV on click 2, but you’re glad to see it. Later she shifts to Plasticity and Perplex. But why not pay 15 more for the Vet and her starting Charge and Perplex? The LSH needs the help. On the rest of her dial, she’s all Willpower along with the Flurry and Plasticity her little sisters feature. The 46-point LE Duo Damsel bolsters her starting Plasticity with 16 DV Combat Reflexes, but the rest of her dial is much less impressive than any of the others’. Hidden Charm: The REV should be played together on a big team. Know their roles. The Rookie is all tie-up. Expect to lose those points. The Exp. is sort of a fighting tie-up but not very good at it until she becomes a Perplexer. Expect to lose those points, too. The Vet should be just Perplexing.
Remember these girls because they’ll get some help down the line.


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