F.U.N. Focus: the Legion of Super-Heroes [part 4]

Posted on February 13, 2014


In early 2006, Collateral Damage only added a solitary new Legionnaire to the roster. But it was a game-changer for the team, big time.

Shadow Lass (Collateral Damage 034-036)
Until now, no Legion of Super-Heroes member has had a DV greater than 16, a decidedly average number even then. But with the introduction of the 56-point Exp. Umbra and Vet Shadow Lass at 10 more (don’t bother with the 44-point Rookie on Legion teams), not only did the LSH get its first fig with 17 DV, but she also shared it with Defend! This was so key for LSH teams, which tended to be easy to hit thanks to low stats and easy to hurt due to lack of armor. Singlehandedly, she made some of those terrible old figures playable. Hidden Charm: Umbra is central to the Legion’s “bunker” formation, where she occupies a bit of hindering terrain and is surrounded by a set of ranged attackers who share her 17 DV perpetually. At need, she can toss out the now-more-useful-than-ever Smoke Cloud or an occasional 3-damage attack. But her role is covering the team.

Bonus: The DC Giants Collector’s Set featured a Legionnaire; in fact, his silhouette was used in the package’s branding!

ColossalBo dcgiantslogo

Colossal Boy (Giants 003), at 115 points, is a rare non-flier for the squad, instead using Giant Stride and Leap/Climb to get around. He’s also the second fig that provides the “bunker” formation with his 17 Defend. Unfortunately, he’s not nearly as good at it as his immediate predecessor, Shadow Lass, due to his giant stature making him a big, soft target for enemy shooters. (Though there are ways to mitigate this weakness.) Hidden Charm: Colossal Boy is a rare Perplexer for the Legion, and thanks to his height, he can affect the battlefield over the heads of smaller figs. Find a way to protect his soft defense on those early clicks; future installments will show how.

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