Top Ten FAVORITE of 2013 [No. 2]

Posted on January 30, 2014


No. 2


War Machine [Invincible Iron Man 029b]

Let me explain.
I was highly annoyed that War Machine’s prime variant was just the same character as the main version. Typically, primes have been more divergent or, at a minimum, named differently.

  • Catwoman — Selina Kyle. Same character, different names
  • Sasha Bordeaux — Black Queen. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Hush — Bruce Wayne. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Batman — Caped Crusader. Same character, different names
  • Frank Drake — Hannibal King. Different characters
  • Dr. Voodoo — Brother Voodoo. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Hobgoblin — Hobgoblin. Different characters
  • Kraven the Hunter — Alyosha Kraven. Different characters
  • Gordanian — Beast Boy. Different characters
  • Lil’ Lobo — Slobo. Different characters
  • Deathstroke — Ravager. Different characters
  • Starfire — Blackfire. Different characters
  • Deathlok — Deathlok. Same character, different stage of career
  • Deathbird — Cerise. Different characters
  • Magneto — Magneto. Same character, VASTLY different stage of career
  • Jubilee — Jubilee. Same character, VASTLY different stage of career
  • Iron Man — Silver Centurion. Same character, different names
  • Sasquatch — Sasquatch. Different characters
  • King Hyperion — Hyperion. Different characters

But War Machine? Same character, same name, and pretty much the same stage of his career. Disappointing and needless waste of a prime slot, I thought — I’d have liked it better if this had been Tony Stark in the original War Machine armor. But he’s a candidate for the Black Box, so I resolved to get one anyway.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: Then I played him. And oh, my goodness, what a great piece. For the first time, my eight-year goal to run a competitive all-black team in HeroClix is within reach thanks to this superb fighting figure.

Also, winning is really cool. One tends to do that with this figure.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: I don’t really want to be That Guy. Remember, Heroclixin’ should be F.U.N., and big War Machine can be hell on the other team at times. But…

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On any number of F.U.N. teams including Black Steel (black folks in armor), a Stark armory, and Secret Avengers, just off the top of my head.

Next: the number one. Or ones. Because I couldn’t pick just one. Literally. I think.